Question of the Week * November 13, 2015
Dear --FNAME--,

If you live on the Treasure Coast, we invite you to be with us for our November seminar tomorrow!  See below for all the details.

You don't have to wait until Black Friday for a computer deal.  Today, we have a few Friday the 13th computer specials.  Scroll below to see what they are. Keep in mind, these are limited quantities as marked and will be sold to the first come, first serve!

If you're still thinking about upgrading to Windows 10 or if you have and you're struggling, we invite you to watch our four Windows 10 webinars.  You can view them as many times as you want.  You'll find them listed at the bottom of this page:

Just a reminder:  if you're a Windows Vista user, you really need to think about upgrading.  There are so many limitations with Windows Vista now and the operating system is old enough that you are really losing out on the advantages of a newer, faster computer. 

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November Seminar
November 14, 2015
10:00 a.m.-12 Noon
Our November seminar is tomorrow!  If you live on Florida's Treasure Coast, we hope you can join us.  The cost is still $8 per person.  The seminar is entitled "It’s Difficult To Soar Like An Eagle When You’re Surrounded By Turkeys."   With the holidays almost upon us, we're going to explore picture taking, saving, fixing and sharing.  It should be an awesome seminar and we hope you can join us. 
When:  Tomorrow, Saturday, November 14th * 10:00 a.m.-12 Noon
Where:  Trinity United Methodist Church
                2221 NE Savannah Rd
                Jensen Beach, FL  34957 *  Get directions by clicking HERE.
Question of the Week
Question:  "I didn't want to bother you in Remote Technical Support for a printer problem I was having so I called ******** support.  (Ed. Note: The printer company's name is not shown to protect the innocent!) After a few minutes, I began to suspect that I wasn't really talking to the printer company.  They wanted on my computer and told me I probably had viruses, etc. which were preventing my printer from working.  Eventually, I didn't trust them so I hung up.  Was I really talking to the printer company?"

Answer:  We get this question all the time.  Although we have addressed the question (and the answer) in our blog (, many people haven't seen our response.

Unfortunately, almost all major computer companies farm out (i.e., sub-contract) their first-level support to outside companies.  Usually, these are Indian companies and you know that right away by the accent of the person answering the phone.  Large computer companies hire these outside firms because they are far less expensive than if the companies provided the support in-house here in the US.  The problem is that large companies pay "peanuts" and so the sub-contracting company, in an attempt to stay in business, has to try to sell you their services.  Sadly, some of these companies will tell you almost anything to convince you that you need their yearly or one-time service.

If you're one of our Remote Technical Support customers, we remind you to always check with us before calling a major computer company for support.  Remember, we do this every day of the week and often, we will have the fastest, easiest and best solution to your problem!


Here are our computer specials!

Lenovo 15.6" ThinkPad Laptop - 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, Windows 10, DVD-Writer, Webcam, AMD Processor, HDMI Output, 6.3 Hour battery life, Full One Year Warranty Was $529; reduced to $459 and reduced for this special - $399  Two only.

Lenovo 14" ThinkPad Laptop - Windows 10, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, Webcam, AMD Processor, HDMI Output.  (Please note: these units have no DVD/CD Writer/Player.) Full One Year Warranty.  Was $499; reduced to $429 and reduced for this special - $379.  Three units only.

Acer 14" Travelmate Laptop - Windows 10, Intel i5 Processor, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, Webcam, HDMI Output, DVD Writer. Slightly used, (Customer decided to get a different unit.)  6-month warranty.  Was $699 reduced to $629 and reduced for this special - $499.   (Note: This is a 14" unit WITH a DVD writer and the Intel i5 processor - those two features alone make this a great deal.)  One Only!

Lenovo ThinkCentre Tower - Windows 10, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard drive, VGA and DVI video output, new wired keyboard and wired mouse.  This unit is refurbished and comes with a 6-month warranty. Originally $550 and reduced for this sale to $300.  One Only.

The "fine print" is here:  
All computers are taxable unless you reside outside the state of Florida, then there will be a $25 charge for shipping.
All computers are set up and ready to go, however:
The sale price does NOT include transferring data from an old computer.
The sale price does NOT include setting the computer up in your home.
Quantities are limited as listed above and no additional computers will be sold at these prices.