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The Partnership and NMDC
Volume 3, Issue 139
Feb. 5, 2016
  • Business Survey
  • PTAC Workshop
  • Social Media for Business

    MADAWASKA — Companies in the St. John Valley looking to expand their business into new markets are urged to attend a free informational session in Madawaska Wednesday, Feb. 10.
    Maine Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC) counselor Dana Delano of Northern Maine Development Commission will explain what it takes to sell to local, state and federal government entities.
    “Business owners looking to expand their market will learn how to register with the federal and state government, what the government is buying and much more,” said Delano.
    Maine PTAC provides a variety of government contracting technical assistance services to Maine-based business of all sizes. The majority of its services are free.      
“State, local and federal governments are a big consumer of products and services. They contract for cleaning and landscaping services, all kinds of construction, IT services and even snow plowing,” added Delano. “We want to assist local companies in obtaining these opportunities in order to grow their business.”
    The seminar, sponsored by NMDC, will be from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 10 at the Madawaska town office located at 328 St. Thomas St., Madawaska.
    To register, contact Dana Delano at or by calling 521-5840.  Walk-ins are welcome.
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Partnership conducts projected jobs survey 
Survey Simplified

  AROOSTOOK COUNTY — Following up on a successful business survey of employment opportunities conducted almost four years ago in the region, the Aroostook Partnership is once again gathering data on projected jobs, but this time officials are casting a wider net.
    Partnership CEO and President Bob Dorsey said a recent labor report, which painted a disturbing picture of retirements and not enough potential workers to fill those positions, prompted him to reach out to the business community again.
    According to the report, in 2012, the number of residents age 45 to 64 in the state’s labor force of 700,000 numbered 411,000. The majority of that group will be labor force “leavers,” retiring in the next six years. At the same time, 302,000 residents under age 20 will be labor force “entrants,” which is the cause of the 109,000 person gap between the two.
    “That gap between potential labor force leavers and entrants is significant,” said Dorsey. “It gets your attention. We have got to get a better handle on how many jobs will be emerging.”
    Dorsey said the survey will also help businesses think about the future and the employees they may be losing.
    Unlike the previous survey, which only went out to the 50 largest employers in Aroostook, this less formal approach, is geared toward any employer in Aroostook County, regardless of size.
    “In fact, we are only asking three questions this time,” Dorsey said. “How many employees do you have right now, how many do you plan on hiring in one year and how many projected in the next five.”
    Dorsey encourages employees to factor in possible retirements, possible market shifts or expansion.
    “So far more than 20 businesses have provided the information,” he said. “We keep company names private and only aggregate the information, so you do not have to worry about proprietary information getting out to competitors.”
    Dorsey added the information will also be used to further the Partnership’s Education to Industry initiatives.
    “If we can quantify how many jobs will be available it will be easier to convince high school students there are jobs in the region and moving away isn’t the only option,” he said.
    Dorsey did stress that many of the projected jobs from the previous survey did indicate some level of post-secondary education was needed, from certificates all the way to advanced degrees.
    For more information on the survey, contact Dorsey at 493-5769 or by email at

Free social media business training offered by NMDC 
Registration Deadline Wednesday, Feb. 10

    AROOSTOOK COUNTY — Social Media has gone beyond simple likes and funny cat videos. Now Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are valuable marketing tools for small, medium and large businesses.
    Northern Maine Development Commission (NMDC) and the Maine Woods Tourism Training Initiative (MWTTI) are sponsoring a free social media for business workshop via video conference.
    Axiom Education and Training Center, in partnership with Sunrise County Economic Council, will present the workshop from Washington County, but have agreed to share the presentation with interested parties in Aroostook County.
    The workshop is set for Thursday, Feb. 11 at 5:30 p.m. at the NMDC office in Caribou.
    With millions of people gravitating toward Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, it can be beneficial for a business to create an online presence.  With social media, businesses can generate sales, engage in b2b networking, expand an audience, and connect directly with customers. Social media can be a powerful tool in your marketing efforts.
    Instructor Jesse Perez, Business Development Specialist at Axiom Technologies, has collaborated and advised more than one hundred small business in Maine on how best to use Facebook to grow and maximize their business presence.
    To register for the event, contact Judy Dinsmore at NMDC at 493-5752 or by email at
    MWTTI is a project of the Maine Woods Consortium with funding support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development. USDA is an equal opportunity partner, funder and employer. 
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