Hello, Ragazzi and Cantabile singers and families!

It's already been a great start to our season. I'm looking forward to our continued growth and some incredible musical experiences this year!

I'm writing with a request for you to check your calendars for a possible date change. We've planned a final concert in June 2017 for Cantabile and Ragazzi at Holy Wisdom Monastery. A great way to end our year together, congratulate our graduating seniors, and sing in a wonderful venue. The current date/time (Sunday, June 4) conflicts with Middleton High School graduation.

Can you please check your calendars for conflicts for SATURDAY, JUNE 3, 2017? We'd have a 5:30pm rehearsal and a 7pm concert.

I know it's very far off, but we need to make the schedule change with the venue ASAP and we need to know if this will work for singers.

Many thanks--please let me know by responding to this email. I'd like to hear from every family with a "Yep--we can do it!", or "No--immovable conflict" so I'm sure all have had a chance to weigh in.