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We pray for families and individuals traveling and vacationing this summer, that they will travel safely and be receptive to the surprises and blessings of new experiences, people and cultures. More prayers...  
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The mass shootings in Orlando, Florida have stirred up a complex array of emotions and reactions precisely because of the state of the world.  This world - our world - is too often marked by an epidemic of violence, especially gun violence, and by political discourse that allows for the demonization of the other because of race, gender, sexual orientation, faith tradition, class, country of origin, or for almost any discernible characteristics that suggest difference. The violence and the discourse that undergirds it did not suddenly appear, but has been cultivated over time.
In the aftermath of these shootings, prayer is necessary, anger and sadness are understandable, but feelings of helplessness need not overwhelm.
Years ago, the Rev. William Sloane Coffin described “hope” as a state of mind independent of the state of the world. Like nothing else in the world, he writes, “hope arouses a passion for the possible.”
Our hope is in Jesus Christ, and this Christ has taken up residence in and among us. We are called to be peacemakers, to speak out and stand up against all the –isms and fears that do violence to the humanity of others and more than that, to repent of the ways that we ourselves have been complicit in cultivating the current state of our world.
Let us pray.
Let us act.
Let us embody a passion for the possible.
In the name of Jesus, let us change the state of our world.

Bishop Michael Burk 

Women’s Prison Congregation to Help Start Men’s Prison Congregation
The Women at the Well UMC prison congregation located inside the Iowa Correctional Institution for Women (ICIW) in Mitchellville has chosen FreeIndeed for their June mission. FreeIndeed is a new congregation to be started inside the Anamosa State Prison in Anamosa. The inside council, the congregation’s leadership team inside the prison, chooses a different mission each month for their offering from their prison accounts. Most women make $.27 to $.50 at their prison jobs.
When they chose the Anamosa congregation to receive their June offering, members of the leadership group said, “We want the men there to have the kind of church community we have here.” The women's gifts will go even farther with a challenge match made by other individuals outside of the congregation.

Persons wishing to join in the challenge and receive updates on the giving to be matched can contact Women at the Well at or watch their website at Even without a match, all gifts are welcome, made payable to Women at the Well—IAC, with a notation “Anamosa Congregation Challenge,” and mailed to P.O. Box 33, Mitchellville, IA  50169. Read the full story here...
Churchwide News
From persecution to witness
By Bishop Elizabeth Eaton
This article originally appeared in Living Lutheran 
For many months now
people have been asking for
some kind of statement about
the persecution of Christians
around the world. It seems to
be a straight-forward issue.
Christians are suffering in Iraq
and Syria, in Nigeria and Egypt.
Palestinian Christians encounter intense pressure. Christians in some parts of India are threatened. Some would even claim that U.S. Christians are under siege. Atrocities committed against Christians by the Islamic State, Boko Haram, al-Shabab and others are regularly in the news. We hear that more Christians have been
martyred in recent years than in the first three centuries of the Christian movement.

Each circumstance of violence against Christians is deeply painful. There are brothers and sisters around the world whose lives are part of the passion of Christ. People are targeted in some countries because they are Christians. But this is a complex issue. Are Christians suffering and dying as witnesses to the faith? Yes. But in many places interreligious conflict has been used as a calculated
pretext for political gain. A narrative of religion vs. religion, or religion vs. society, is an effective way of generating support for one’s cause. And, regrettably, suspicion and fear of the “other” leads to intolerance and discrimination. Read the rest...
Gutenberg to Google Webinar 
This 45-minute webinar with Beth Lewis, President & CEO for Augsburg Fortress. Beth will explore how the use of media to proclaim the Gospel is the same and has changed from the time of Martin Luther to the beginning of the 21st century. You'll learn something about history and how our reforming traditions are alive and well today. You will come away with fresh ideas for using your congregation's website, social media and other new technologies to proclaim the Gospel! RSVP to one of two times,registration is free, but space is limited.

Upcoming Events
Lunch and Learn – Understanding the Complexity and Implications of Racism
In an effort to continue understanding the complexity and implications of racism, the Rev. Elizabeth A. Eaton, presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), invited congregations to participate in webcasts with William B. Horne II, a member of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Clearwater, Fla., and a member of the ELCA Church Council, serving as host. Eaton and Horne have had three on-camera conversations about the church’s efforts in defining and confronting racism, advancing racial justice and more. “Talking about race and racism is hard work for most of us,” said Horne. “Our Christian witness compels us to confront our sinfulness in all forms from within and outside of ourselves. It is more beneficial if we do it together.”

July 7 and 14, 2016; 11:30 – 1:00 at the Synod Center for Ministry in Iowa City. 

Bring a sack lunch and watch presiding bishop Eaton’s webcasts on confronting racism with conversation to follow.  This is a two-part series. RSVP here
Join us for Practice Discipleship at Love Like Jesus
Practice Discipleship will offer a session on Wondering Creatively during the Love Like Jesus high school service learning event. This FREE session (a component of the Adult Learning Track at Love Like Jesus will be offered June 17 from 1:30-2:45 the Grand View University Student Center and is open to ALL. Those who work in congregational ministry with children and youth (volunteer, staff, and clergy) are encouraged to attend. 

In this session we will re-imagine the concept of creativity, and through hands-on explorations rediscover and reignite God's creative presence and vision for our lives. Register for this session online
Rooted: High School Trip
The Grand Canyon and Southeastern Iowa Synods of the ELCA are excited to announce Rooted, a partner synod journey aimed to strengthen one another for life and mission within the body of Christ.

Registration opens in October 2016. Learn more
You're Invited
Join us for a discussion about faith, climate, and agriculture!

Faith, Climate, and Agriculture Forum
Christy 4-H Hall 
220 H Ave
Nevada, IA
Wednesday, June 15th at 6:30 PM
Come hear leaders from the farming, faith, and scientific community as they discuss and answer questions on how climate change is impacting agriculture in Iowa, how farmers are adapting today, and how their faith calls them to respond. After the event, attendees are invited to take home free pollinator seeds for your home or garden!

For more information click here. 
Save ther Date! Jr. High Student Lock-in at UNI
This year the LSC Lock-in is scheduled for Friday, October 14 at 7pm – Saturday, October 15 at 7am. Please add this event to your calendar, and promote it to your youth. This lock-in is a great opportunity to introduce Jr. High students to campus ministry, learn about Christ, & have fun. The Wellness & Recreation Center has a climbing wall, swimming pool, basketball courts, racquetball, & volleyball. We offer
midnight worship, pizza, games & activities throughout the night. Learn more...
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