Calling all Current Con Gioia AND Capriccio Singers: We still need you! No need to respond if you cannot attend, but if you are able to come, we'd really appreciate your help. 

On Saturday, June 9 and Sunday, June 10, we'll be seeing the final candidates for our open Con Gioia conductor position. We need a group of singers (that's you!) to be the choir they'll work with those days.

You don't have to prepare or rehearse anything. We'll have a few short rehearsals each day, and we'll have a treat as a thank you when we're done! We are asking the candidates to do two things during our short rehearsals: (1) Some type of vocal warm-up; (2) introduce a new piece of music or teach you some type of musical concept or idea.

Ideally, we'd love singers that can be there both days, but we know that's a lot to ask! We do ask that if you are able to participate that you commit to at least one day, i.e., all rehearsals on Saturday OR all rehearsals on Sunday.

Saturday, June 9 | Westgate Studios
9:45am arrive
10:00-10:20 rehearsal #1
10:30-10:50 rehearsal #2
11:00-11:20 rehearsal #3
11:30-11:50 rehearsal #4
11:50 wrap-up and treat
Noon finished

Sunday, June 10 | Westgate Studios
1:45pm arrive
2:00-2:20 rehearsal #1
2:30-2:50 rehearsal #2
3:00-3:20 rehearsal #3
3:20 wrap-up and treat
3:30 finished