No Matter...

In the midst of life and death the reassuring words are Christ is Coming Soon. 

No matter what the challenges of the last year have been we can be reassured that Christ is Coming Soon.  Maybe you have lost a loved one, fought with someone dear, struggled financially, not met your dearest life goals and are tired of waiting for life to happen or just not in the mood for the celebrating and happiness that most people expect at this season of Advent and Christmas. 

​No matter how you are feeling the last verse of Lost in The Night reminds us that the Light over the land is beaming, no matter if we want it to or not.  It does not matter if we feel like our life is in a dry, desolate place or a deep valley that we can barely see day light, or a mountain top; the river of God’s love and devotion will stream through our life bringing the Savior redeeming love to us soon. 

Gracious God, thank you for sending your Son as our redeeming Savior to walk with us in the darkness and the brightness of daily life. Refresh us oh God in this journey of life. Amen

What do we say to people who aren’t excited about the coming Advent and Christmas season?
How do we help people revision Christmas when because of life events the season is not the same as in the past?

Denise Lindemann, Deacon, TEEM candidate at St. John, Corwith, Iowa
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