Presbyterians Pro-Life ENEWS, May 2016
by Marie Bowen
What drives people to consider suicide? How can the church address such desperation and communicate God's message of love and hope?

"Among all women younger than 75, suicide rates grew across the age spectrum. But in the age of greatest vulnerability — women between the ages of 45 and 64 — the rate of suicide in 2014 vaulted 80 percent higher over 1999's rates."

I saw it first in my local morning paper, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
by Tracy Winsor

Published here by permission of Georgia Life Alliance. To read this complete article and others in this series visit the GLA blog.

Perinatal hospice has been widely endorsed by prolife advocates because it provides an abortion alternative when a pregnancy is complicated by a prenatal diagnosis. About thirteen percent of women seeking abortions in the United States identify a ‘possible problems affecting the health of the fetus’ as a reason for terminating the pregnancy.[1] Only three percent indicated that it was ‘the most important reason’ for seeking abortion.[2]  The availability of perinatal hospice support can reduce the number of abortions among parents experiencing a prenatal diagnosis, because most will carry to term when offered a service of comprehensive support.[3]

a blog series by Marie Bowen   

Analysis of business coming to the Presbyterian Church (USA) General Assembly

The Advisory Committee on Social Witness Policy brings a resolution (Item 11-14) for commissioner approval to the Presbyterian Church (USA) 222nd General Assembly meeting in Portland, Oregon June 18-25, 2016. The resolution reminds us that God is present with us throughout our lives and even at the moment of our death and beyond. The guidebook points to God as the "cosmic Giver" of life and states that we our not our own--yet in both the affirmation statement and the final pages of the pastoral guidebook the writing team includes a disturbing justification in some circumstances for both deep sedation and physician assisted suicide. Visit PPL's blog to read the complete analysis.
A short summary critique will appear in our June ENEWS.
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On Religious Freedom

Good News for life in a mainline denomination
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