We interrupt this lovely day with a friendly reminder:

If you have not yet returned your MYC concert wardrobe, this is a gentle plea to take care of this errand today or in the next few days. We are needing all items returned: khaki pants, blazer, tie, and white shirt so these items can be used for the Scotland tour. (Just imagine you're dropping the wardrobe off so it can have a grand adventure in Scotland this summer--that may help overcome the tedium of driving over to Westgate). The red polo should be returned only if you are not returning to MYC next season.

We appreciate your help and many thanks to everyone who has already returned their items!

As a reminder, the office does not have to be open for you to come by. There is a bin outside our door--feel free to drop your items there, making sure they are properly labeled with your singer's name.

Thanks again and have a great day!