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Sports training has come a long way in recent years.  Coaches agree that faster, more explosive players win games.  I have seen some great new products hit the market recently but undeniably one of my favorite pieces is the VertiMax Raptor.  The Raptor is a portable version of the popular VertiMax platform system – which can now be used out on the field. 

Over 50% of pro teams and 70% of Division 1 programs are using VertiMax specifically for: 

Hear what top coaches are saying:

“We believe that this training device incorporated into our program has helped our team make remarkable improvements to our explosiveness and power”

         Urban Meyer – Head Football Coach,
                                 Ohio State University

“Our team has definitely seen and felt the benefits of working with the VertiMax.”

         Rick Pitino - Head Basketball Coach,
                             University of Louisville

“VertiMax has given our coaches the means to take vertical jump and speed performance to the next level across all our sports programs.”

          Gary Joseph - Head Coach, Katy High School,
                                 3-Time State Champion

HERE to see how VertiMax can help your athletic performance and help you win more games!

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Brian Williams
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