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May 2016 Newsletter  |  Number 133
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Promos & Trailers - 5/4-11
Video Game Class - 5/7
Home Recording: Audacity - 5/10
Narration Simple - 5/13-14
Small Group Workout - 5/16
Video Game Challenge - 5/17-24
TV Tags & National Reads - 5/18-25
INTRO: Starting Out - 5/21
Acting On-Camera for Kids - 5/21
Building Your Business - 5/22
Mastering #Social Media - 5/23
Stepping Out - 5/28
Creating Characters - 5/28

Monologue Magic - 6/1
By The Book - 6/4-5, 11-12
Preparing for a Demo - 6/6-13
Director's Perspective - 6/8
Home Recording: Audacity - 6/14
Small Group Workout - 6/15
Articulatory Flexibility - 6/16-17
INTRO: Starting Out - 6/18
Dialects I - 6/18-19
Dialects II - 6/20
Nailing The Audition - 6/23
Stepping Out - 6/25
Creating Characters - 6/25
Voice-over for Kids - 6/26 

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VO By The Book:
Insider Tips On How To Be A Better Voice Actor
by Elaine A. Clark

As you prepare to meet new clients and colleagues, you need to consider how you brand yourself and your work.  The following is a helpful excerpt from There’s Money Where Your Mouth Is, 3rd Edition, pages 245-246.

Branding a cow is painful; branding an actor is not. It’s about taking the time for self-reflection and exploration to come up with the proper approach that is unique to you. Every day we see logos, and hear music, sound effects, and tag lines that immediately identify a company. You need just as recognizable a brand in order to stand out from the pack. How you feel about yourself and the service you provide helps you establish your rate card. You need to consider:

1.      Name recognition
2.      Value
3.      Quality
4.      Trust

The higher your rankings in these four areas, the more you can charge. If a talent gives away their services or undermines industry standard rates, they are sending a message that their services have little or no value. It may bring in jobs initially, but those buyers, once they have a budget, will go elsewhere for a higher-level performer.
Someone with a résumé of high-profile jobs garners more trust than someone without a track record. Saying you voiced a national product when, in actuality, you recorded something for the local office or dealership down the street does not build trust. Be honest. Call it what it actually is.

The process of name recognition has four steps: Who is this person? I’ve heard of that person. Give me that person. Get me someone who sounds like that person. At first they don’t know you. Then your name sort of rings a bell, but they’re not sure. Next, you are in demand and working all the time. Finally, you are so popular your rates go up and certain people can’t afford you anymore. They still like you but want someone who sounds like you, only cheaper. By the very nature of obscurity, the actor spends a lot of time at “cattle-call” type auditions where the chances of getting the job decrease proportionately with the amount of people auditioning. You want people to remember you and request your services.

Being a seasoned actor, and having a great microphone, well-equipped recording studio, and ability to engineer the job provides a higher quality product than someone talking into an inexpensive microphone placed on the desk right next to his or her computer. You’re only as good as your weakest link, and non-union actors need to charge accordingly.
Look Who's Talking

* Congratulations to Mitchelle Tanner, Robert Soriano, George Durando and Gordon Taylor. They all recorded demos in April.
* Russo Shanidze joined the actors union SAG/AFTRA.
* Boris played an arch-villain type for a corporate film. He'll also be going to Las Vegas to walk around in character at an upcoming convention.
* Andria Day narrated a job for a wound healing product. 
* Sarah Kramer has been quite busy! She filmed a short "Painted Lady," and played the lead role in an episode of the popular Japanese TV show, "The World's Astonishing News!" She signed with DeSanti Talent Agency in Chicago for VO, and has voiced a dozen narration videos for GuideSpark. She also worked on an awesome video game.
* Rossana Schneider is working on a VO project for Natulique, a Danish company. She also filmed a couple of commercials - one for SF Dungeon and a virtual interactive game with Cable Labs and Ivory Production.
* Kirk Livinston shot a Northern California/Regional Toyota TV spot as a SAG principal.
* Hugo Carbajal has two national commercials running - one English and one Spanish for Redd's Apple Ale. He's also in a regional spot for El Pollo Loco.
* Katie Holt narrated a video for Micro Business Mentors.
* Rachael Harrell participated in this year's Voice Equestria, a voice contest at BABSCon in Burlingame. She was a top 5 finalist.
* Keri Fishman narrated an explainer video for Apigee. She also recorded Pandora radio ads for the Berlin Farmers Market, the Fox Chase Cancer Center Foundation and Northwest University!

Congrats to all who've recently landed agents, recorded demos and landed recording and on-camera gigs. Send us your news and we'll add it to next month's Newsletter.
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