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When and How to Place Debtor Accounts With UCS

Credit Reporting: How to get the Most out of This Powerful Tool

Worried About Timely Filing or Falling Further Behind? Insurance Claims Collection

"I've worked with United Credit Service, Inc. for over 25 years and have found their staff to be very professional and knowledgeable.  UCS has provided our patients and our staff with outstanding customer service while also providing excellent collection results."

Director of Patient Financial Services, Large Midwestern Hospital

"Kim is great and wonderful to work with.  Wish all my medical bills were here."
    --a patient

I received a call from a consumer that you recently spoke with who wanted to tell you how wonderful you were to her. She said that you were very polite and patient.  She said that you made a difficult situation much more pleasant. 

Nice job Becky!!


"I just had the privilege of speaking with Krys, one of your employees. And I would like to commend you for employing people of her caliber. She was extraordinarily helpful, very good at her listening skills. Outstanding! She was so very kind... And I am very thankful to be able to set up a payment arrangement.  Thank you again for employing Krys,"
    --a patient.

You have been great to work with on this unfortunate issue. Thank you for your kindness. Please apply this check to reference#XX-XXXXXXXXXX

a consumer


We all have a lot of questions right now.  In all honesty, we probably have more questions than we do answers.

This global pandemic is surreal isn’t it? And even though we don’t have control over what’s happening, we do have control over how we respond to it. Cliché I know, but still true.

When I look back on how I spent my time and efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak, I want to be able to say I did my best to be a part of the solution.

First and foremost, I want to protect my family, friends, coworkers and community. What can I control? My actions. That’s why hand washing, practicing social distancing (and staying home as much as possible) personally and professionally is so critical right now. We all need to do our part to flatten the curve.

Secondly, I want to do what I can to keep the economy going. I can do this by ensuring UCS stays open working for our clients and consumers alike.

People who know me know I am a firm believer in planning my work, then working my plan. I also would rather be proactive than reactive. That’s why we had our Pandemic Response Plan in place and were all ready to allow many of our team members to work from home when this thing hit.

Back in the 1600s there was another pandemic and a young student by the name of Issac Newton was sent home from college (evidently social distancing has been a thing for quite a while!) to finish the year safely at home.

Newton continued his studies during his time off. And while I don’t believe in the whole apple-falling-from-a-tree thing, there is evidence that during his quarantined time at home he came up with his theory on gravitational pull.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that during this trying time I want to come up with some brilliant scientific break-through, but I do want to work hard so that at the end of each day I leave the world in a little better place than when I found it when it started.

Please know UCS is here, as always, working hard for you and be rest assured we will continue our empathetic and compassionate approach to collections while extending extra consideration to those impacted by COVID-19 and its economic impact.

We are all in this together. Stay healthy!

 Best regards,

When and How to Place Debtor Accounts with UCS


Two of the most frequently asked questions we receive concern when accounts should be placed with us and how to go about sending them. 

First, when to send a debt to us for collections:

  • The short answer is as soon as possible!  (Of course, there are exceptions to this, see below)  Once a client account is set up, we can begin to receive them immediately. 

  • Typically, the sooner we get them the faster we can get payment. The debtor is easier to locate and contact with information that is fresh and accurate.

  • As a general rule, we suggest our clients work them through their established accounts receivable system until they age, at the latest, between 60 and 90 days past due. That is a reasonable time frame for payment without resorting to additional measures.

  • Keep in mind that we can take placements that are of just about any age as long as they fall within the statute of limitations of a particular state. Please ask if you have questions regarding your state.

    • In some cases, the time frame can be longer if there have been certain activities with the account. Please check with Client Services  for more information.

    • We can also take placements that have been worked by other agencies.  Called Second Collects, a fresh start can often yield good results!

  • One key exception to the above guidelines is for charitable (tax exempt) hospitals. They are governed by separate 501r requirements.  Placements fall under Extraordinary Collection Activities (ECAs).  Please contact us for more information! 

Second, how you can send your debt placements to us:

  • The short answer here would be that you can send them to us in whatever form is most convenient for you.

  • Perhaps the easiest way to place with us is using our secure, web-based Client Access portal.  Not familiar with Client Access? Your Client ID is your client number and your Username is your first name with first initial of last name (e.g. lisab).  If you've forgotten or need a new password, please email us at  and we will send you a temporary password. It's very easy and extremely secure.

  • You can also send them as either scanned documents via email or via fax. These methods are not as secure as Client Access, but are also acceptable.  

  • We can accept a variety of data files as well.  Many of our larger clients use our secure FTP site to upload them directly to us. 

  • Lest we forget, we do have clients that mail them to us each month!

  • Are you wondering what information to send us?  We have a Placement Guide for our clients' convenience. Click the link to see the information we will need to successfully collect a debt.                                                                                                                                        
  • Also for your convenience, we have an Account Placement Form.

  • Worried about the current climate?  Be rest assured, we have our Pandemic Response Plan in place. We are here to serve the needs of both our clients and their consumers. We all need to work together to get to the other side of this amicably.

Other questions?  Please contact your Client Services Representative and we will be happy to assist!


Credit Reporting: Getting the Most Out of This Powerful Tool


Every month we report unpaid debts on behalf of our clients to the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA’s). This is one of the most important tools we use to recover bad debts.  Consumer credit scores can have a significant impact on their ability to obtain loans or secure financing.  Even in generally easy credit times like these, a significant drop in a consumer’s credit score can really get their attention and speed payment so that a positive score can be restored.  We are often asked a number of questions regarding credit reporting.  Here are a few that may be helpful to know the answers to:

  • Who are the credit reporting agencies? 

There are three:  Experian, Equifax and Transunion.

  • What is a good credit score?

The general range for credit scores is 300-850.  Within that range there is a further ranking which categorizes the quality of the score:

    • 300-579 = Very Poor
    • 580-669 = Fair
    • 670-739 = Good
    • 740-799 = Very Good
    • 800-850 = Exceptional

  • After we turn a debt over to United Credit Service, how long until it is reported to a credit agency?
Typically, we report...
non-medical debt 60 days after placement.  
For-profit medical debt: 60 days after placement and 180 days after last transaction date
non-profit medical debt: 60 days after placement and 250 days after last transaction date

We report additions, changes and deletions to the agencies at the end of each month so this could add to the timeline.  

  • What information do we need from our clients to report?

In most cases we will have the information we need once the debt is submitted.  As your account is set up, we always ask if you are willing to have us report the debts to the credit agencies and review the information we need.  This information, at a minimum, includes:

    • Full name (First, Middle Name or Initial (if available)
    • Last Name and generation Code/Suffix
    • Address
    • Full Social Security Number
    • Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)
    • However, if the debtor’s full Social Security Number is not available, full date of birth will be required.
    • Please note:  If neither date of birth or Social Security Number are available, we cannot report the debtor to the CRA’s.

  • Is there a reason why debts would not be reported to the CRA’s?


We are not allowed to report debts that did not arise from a contract or an agreement to pay (National Consumer Assistance Plan).

How aggressively we pursue a debt is always up to the client. Even though we always suggest reporting as it maximizes the chance a debt will be paid, if a client prefers not to report, we do not. 

Please note: As a part of Pandemic Response Plan we will update accounts that have previously been reported to the CRAs, but we will not be reporting new accounts at this time.

Worried about Timely Filing or Falling Further Behind? Insurance Claim Collection Can Help


United Credit Service, Inc. can effectively maximize insurance claim collections by using experienced, knowledgeable Insurance Claim Collection Specialists coupled with our high-tech customizable insurance collection process. UCS’s low cost customizable solution to this accounts receivable challenge utilizes:

  • Computerized workflows and system decision logic – This increases the efficiency and productivity of our Insurance Claim Collection Specialists.

  • Effective computer generated work lists that are prioritized by account characteristics – With our clients; we strategically analyze and prioritize the accounts by Financial Class, A/R balances, and/or age of account—don’t lose any more money because of timely-filing limits.

  • Experienced, knowledgeable Insurance Claim Collection Specialists – our Specialist have been trained in medical billing and have many years of experience solving medical reimbursement issues. They know how to crack the bureaucratic code that stands in the way between you and your money.

  • Standard and customized reports – We provide standard activity reporting, but can also customize reports for clients. If UCS identifies trending in billing errors, we will notify our business partners to eliminate those recurring insurance denials.

  • We work as an extension of our business partners, not an outside billing and collection company – this allows us to work directly with Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance companies. With access to a clients’ billing system, we can research claim disputes, rectify denials and resubmit corrected claims all while fully documenting everything in a clients’ own system.

  • Accelerate your revenue cycle and improve cash flow as your aging A/R balances decrease – These are a few of the benefits of our insurance claims collection service.
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