Issue #36, August 2015
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The new year is almost here. No, not the ball-drop in Times Square or the singing of Auld Lang Syne New Year. The school year.

Your mailbox is full of fliers announcing “Back to School” specials—backpacks, computers, pens and pencil. Yes, they still sell notebooks— the kind with paper in it. College students are packing up, thinking about what they need to survive and thrive in this academic year. Those of us not in school feel the effects as traffic increases and yellow school buses appear at every corner. 

When public education began in the US, the school year was tied to the agricultural cycle. Children were needed at home to help with the harvest, so school was scheduled for winter months when the fields were dormant. 

Our Jewish friends and neighbors fittingly mark the beginning of the new year with Rosh Hashana (Sept 13 this year).This marks the anniversary of God’s creation of the world—something we can all celebrate. 

With these beginnings and new chapters, it is time to get back to Christian education. We can remind adults that learning is not just for kids and never has been. We learn throughout our life spans. God’s work in our lives is not done and we do well to join in that endeavor all along the way.

Kids know when it’s time to get back to school.  We should help adults know that it’s time to get back into the discipline of learning and Bible study. So, what are we doing in our church to make adults aware that Christian education is also
for them?​
For Planning
Are your adults aware that Christian education is also for them?

In addition to posting information in worship bulletins, websites, and newsletters, create small (3x5) reminder cards with start dates, times and locations of the adult education offerings at your church. Place these in the pew racks, if your church has those, or hand them out as people leave worship. Or hand them to people at fellowship times before or after church. Ask people to post them at home as reminders. 

And yes, there is still the old-fashioned, but effective method of calling friends and asking them if they would like to come to the class with you.  No, it’s not digital, but it works. 
Do you know that Kerygma has created a flyer (or flier) for each of our studies?

Each full-color flyer has a place to insert relevant dates, times and locations for your program.You can then print the flyer to use as bulletin inserts or enlarge it to create posters. Post it on your church website or include it in the church newsletter.

Each flyer is located on the specific study’s webpage. Scroll down and look for the FLYER button on the left. (From Kerygma’s home page, under the “Courses of Study” tab, select the category of your study, then choose your study.)
For Your Backpack:
A quote from Carol Bechtel,

author of the Kerygma’s newly revised study, Job and the Life of Faith: Wisdom for Today’s World.

"If I had to choose one book of the Bible to send with my children on their journey through life, it would be the book of Job….because I think it has the potential to help them through those tough times with a faith that is both flexible and firm." ​
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