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April, 2013

Is it just me, or are you also noticing that conversation about the value of human life is increasing? The topic of human life, it's value and threats to it seem to be everywhere: news, social media, church sermons, newsletters and activities, schools, prayer events, and personal stories. Even allowing for my own personal antenna being tuned in to the subject of "life", I do think we are trending toward increased awareness and concern about human, born and unborn.

The General Assembly business of the upcoming PCUSA reflects this trend too. The topic of human life is cropping up in a wide array of overtures. Check out the article below and don't miss Mary Van Driest's review of a book that provides a ministry tool to guide grieving parents on a pathway of strength and renewal. 
 Life at beginning and end will be a topic in Detroit
Human life is shaping up to be the dominant topic in the Social Justice Committee of the coming General Assembly of the PCUSA to be held June 14-21, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan. The overtures coming from presbyteries are thoughtful and fresh with only a few echoing stale debates from political positions.


A Review by Mary Van Driest 
Pilgrimage Through Loss 
By Linda Lawrence Hunt

"Whether their child is stillborn, a three-year-old, or a forty-three-year-old, it doesn't matter. Such loss permeates with a sorrow beyond all our previous imagination."

While this book deals with the loss of a child, it will be very helpful to anyone experiencing loss and also to those who are walking alongside someone who is grieving. 
PPL recommends. . .


After Abortion


My Mother's Abortion, by Bob Vincent, First Things

A Presbyterian Pastor writes about his mother's abortion


What is the Process of Healing After Abortion? By David Powlison, Christian Counseling & Educational Foundation (CCEF) 

A Seminary Professor answers the question, "Does God forgive someone who has had an abortion, and where do you start the healing process?"


Conceived in Rape and other Exceptions - a video documentary from Elliot Institute, the leader in post abortion research. The personal testimonies in this video are address the issue of pregnancy resulting from sexual assault and other "hard cases" in a manner that is personal, emotional, and compelling. It is well worth 58 minutes of your time.


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One of my sons is a new father. His son will be born in July. He is so excited to be a dad and he said to me recently, "God will provide what PPL needs, because God loves little babies." I believe that and YOU, my friend, are the means through which God does provide for PPL and our ongoing witness and work on behalf of human life at every age and stage. May God bless you as you engage with us for "the least of these."


In Christ for Life,


Marie Bowen


Executive Director


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