On the 10th Anniversary of My Work Here

For many students, summer is a season for vocational clarity. Life- guarding is fine and noble, they may realize, but it is not how they want to spend their working lives.  As we welcomed back a dozen graduates this past month for a spontaneous mini-reunion, I was pleased to see so many had found their true calling.  Some were in the professions for which they had trained, while some had found other ways of being in the world.  

Our vocations may not be what we first imagined (I never made it to astronaut school or liked horses enough to be a cowboy, my first two picks), the vocare of God is resisted only at great peril.  It is where our joy and abilities find expression in meeting another's need that a meaningful life is discovered.  When one's occupation and vocation are the same, work doesn't feel so much like work.  

I mark the completion of my tenth year at Christ Chapel this next month.  I truly feel this work isn't so much like work and I pray it remains God's vocare for me for many more years to come. Yes, there is occasional sorrow and some dreams have to die and new ones take their place, but the Spirit never tires of making all things new.  

The picture above captures just a few of the many who have made this their home over the past ten years, and I am grateful for them all. My calling was affirmed time and time again by their caring and generous hearts.  

So, alums and friends of the ministry, thank you for the last ten years and thank you for that which is ahead.  I look forward to every new day.

Pr. Jaime

If you would like to help feed the homeless of San Marcos, join us at Southside Community Center, 518 S. Guadalupe, at 4:15 on July 3rd.  The meal is served in the building on the far back side of the property.  Many thanks to Lauren Sorell for her faithful leadership on this project.  Monday's menu: Chicken salad croissant sandwiches, salad, and elotes (grilled corn, Mexican style).
2018 National Youth Gathering Volunteers
Would you like to volunteer at the Gathering and help our young people grow in faith and encounter Christ? Serving the youth of this church is a vocational calling that requires careful discernment. Every volunteer must agree to follow the terms of a volunteer code of conduct and submit to a background check by the ELCA. There are four volunteer categories: Local Volunteers, Community Life, Gathering Volunteer Corps, and Servant Companions. The responsibilities vary, and all volunteers (except Local Volunteers) must commit to being in Houston for one week. Volunteers arrive on Monday, June 25, and depart Sunday, July 1, 2018.  

Ask previous volunteers Kelley Cato or Marshall Breedlove. Both will tell you that it is an amazing, life-changing experience.  Yours truly will be attending and working with the Servant Companion Corp.  No, one does not need to be Lutheran to be a volunteer. If needed, Christ Chapel will pay up to $50 of the $75 required fee for a background check.  See www.elca.org/YouthGathering/registration/volunteer-opportunities for more information. 
TUBING!  July 7th. 
We'll meet at Christ Chapel at 1:00 on July 7th and walk down to the Lion's Club to rent tubes and spend a few hours on the water.  Cost: $12. If you bring your own tube, you will save $12. On the other hand, you'll have a long walk to make, because the shuttle bus from the end of ride back to the start only takes Lion's Club renters.  Thanks, Obama.  Wait... never mind.