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Reminders for Tonight: 
  • We are meeting at Covenant Presbyterian Church, from 5-6pm. Please make sure at least one parent/guardian is in attendance.
  • Singers will attend this meeting with their parent(s) then proceed to rehearsal (also required) which will end at 8:30pm.

  • please plan to eat dinner before arriving
  • don't forget to bring your completed voice part assignment sheet and your music!

  • Don't forget to bring your Very Important Documents! (Due Friday!)
  • If you haven't already notarized the Consent for Minor to Travel form, we will have notaries on hand before the meeting beginning at 4:30pm and after the meeting until 6:20pm. (Thank you, Notary friends!)
  • All documents in your packet need to be returned: if no prescriptions are being taken, please write N/A on the form, sign it and return with the other documents.

Tour Wardrobe
  • Singers waiting until today to try on the sample wardrobe need to arrive at Covenant Presbyterian by 4:30pm to take care of this BEFORE the meeting begins. OR stop by the office today.
  • Wardrobe will be available in the MYC office until 3:30 today.
  • The Google wardrobe form is due Friday, June 10 (that's tomorrow!)
  • We will not have time to make exchanges on the branded items. Please make sure your size and cut selections are accurate!

Old Navy Items
  • will be ready for pick up at the meeting tonight.
  • Please keep all original packaging
  • try on your item(s) at home
  • return what doesn't fit with original packaging to the MYC office by Thursday, June 16, properly labeled with your name along with an email to Alyssa with specific instructions on size needed for the exchange.
  • Questions? Please email Alyssa. Thanks!

We'll talk more about this tonight! Have fun perusing the brochure. (Mike also updated the tour website with this information.)

That's all for now. See you tonight!
Nifty Tour Wardrobe Items: Form Due by June 10
Please click on the Required Wardrobe Items button below and record the size and cut needed for each item no later than Friday, June 10.

To summarize: you do NOT need to purchase anything but we DO need to receive from you (chaperones, singers and staff) the completed Required Wardrobe Item form linked below by Friday, June 10.
Supplemental Nifty Tour Wardrobe Items
Because we love our Scotland Tour logo, and we know you do, too, we put together a collection of items for anyone to purchase. This is not a fundraiser. The prices listed are within a few cents of the actual cost. Click on the link below to see the items, sizes offered and pricing. This order form is also due to the MYC office (with payment) no later than Friday, June 10. Please add up your items as you go, write a check for the total and deliver it to the office by June 10.