Greetings from Madison Youth Choirs!

Thank you to everyone who has already scheduled a performance for our 2019 Spring Outreach Tours. We still have several openings and would love to perform for your students this year! 

Please let us know if you are interested in hosting a performance by replying with your preferred date. We will do our best to accommodate your request although we are sometimes restricted by travel times. The tour dates below are broken down by preferred audience grade level.

Wednesday, April 24: Cantabile and Ragazzi
Cantabile is our choir for 9th-12th grade women and Ragazzi is our choir for 9th-12th grade men. These choirs perform separately and together. 

Thursday, April 25: Cantilena
Cantilena is our choir for 9th-12th grade women. Best audience would be elementary or a ​smaller middle school audience (i.e., all kids that take music or all kids in choir, etc.).

Monday, April 29: Choraliers
Choraliers is our beginning choir for 2nd-4th grade girls. Best audience would be K-2.

Tuesday, April 30: Con Gioia 
Con Gioia is our choir for 5th-7th grade girls. Best audience would be K-5. 

Tuesday, April 30: Purcell and Holst
Purcell is our beginning boychoir for 2nd-5th grade boys. Holst is our choir for 6th-9th grade boys. These choirs perform both separately and together. Since they have a wide range of ages, their best audiences would be K-5 OR a smaller middle school audience (i.e. all kids that take music or all kids in choir, etc.).

Thursday, May 2: Britten
Britten is our choir for 5th-8th grade boys. Best audience would be K-5 or a smaller middle school audience (i.e. all kids that take music or all kids in choir, etc.).

Friday, May 3: Capriccio
Capriccio is our choir for 7th-9th grade girls. Best audience would be K-5. 

MYC Spring Outreach Tour performances are provided at no cost to the host school although we will gladly accept contributions to help defray transportation costs. The host school simply provides a performance venue (with audience!), piano (acoustic, if possible), choral risers (if available), music stand, and a microphone if the venue requires it. 

Performances are typically 25-30 minutes in length and can be scheduled at one of four approximate times (these can be adjusted slightly to fit individual school schedules): 9:30am, 10:30am, 1:00pm, or 2:00pm. Please keep in mind that we will need time to warm-up prior to each performance which means we will arrive approximately 15-30 minutes earlier.   

Thank you!  We look forward to hearing from you!

Lisa Kjentvet
Education and Outreach Coordinator
Madison Youth Choirs
(608) 238-7464​​​​​​​