Welcome to Concert Day!
If you haven't yet read the MYC Concert Primer that was sent via email on Tuesday, please do so today. It contains all the details regarding wardrobe, parking, tickets, concert reminders, etc. Required reading!

Call Times
Singers should be in their warm-up space, dressed for their concert at the times listed below. This means getting dropped off about three minutes before the call time (no need to be earlier than that!):

1:30PM Concert
Choraliers call time is 1:05PM; report to Chapel (Lathrop Street entrance)
Con Gioia call time is 1PM; report to Fellowship Room in basement
Capriccio call time is 12:40PM; report to Sanctuary

4:00PM Concert
Britten call time is 3PM; report to Chapel (Lathrop Street entrance)
Purcell and Holst call time is 3:15PM; report to Fellowship Room in the basement

7:00PM Concert
Call time is 6:30PM (best time to arrive 6:25PM)
Cantilena reports to Chapel (Lathrop Street entrance)
Cantabile and Ragazzi report to Fellowship Room in the basement.

Please drop off your singer first (at the times listed above) and then find parking so they are not late for their call time. We will have signs posted and volunteers directing singers to their warm-up space.

The ticket tables will open to coincide with the call times; the concert hall will open when rehearsals in the hall have concluded. Thank you for your patience!

See you soon!