REMINDER: Wardrobe Fittings Today!
Ragazzi, Choraliers, Con Gioia, Capriccio, Cantilena and Cantabile

3PM - 5PM at Westgate.

You may come at any time during this window, but please plan to arrive no later than 4:45PM so you have time to finish the fitting process.

Who Do We Need to See Today?
  • Singers who are new to MYC
  • Singers who moved from Con Gioia to Capriccio (new dress!)
  • Singers who moved from Capriccio to Cantilena (new dress!)
  • Singers who moved from Holst to Ragazzi (new duds!)
  • Singers who have outgrown their current wardrobe (same duds, new size)

All wardrobe that no longer fits or belongs to your previous ensemble should be returned, clearly marked with your name. If your red polo still fits, please keep it. You may return your wardrobe today.

(Remember: singers who did NOT move ensembles OR who moved from Choraliers to Con Gioia or from Cantilena to Cantabile have the SAME wardrobe as last year. We only need to see you if you've OUTGROWN your items.)

Thank you for prioritizing this errand today. We promise to be as efficient as possible only taking 15-20 minutes of your time. Thanks for stopping by!

Please consider lending a hand! Volunteers can sign up below or just show up at 2:30pm and find us in the rehearsal spaces. Thank you!