Hello Mahler fans,

We had another intense and productive rehearsal last night. In addition to tackling some new music, we finally had “The Talk.”

“The Talk” was my attempt to explain what is actually happening in the final scene of Goethe’s Faust, which is Part 2 of Mahler’s Symphony (the last hour of music). There were many moments I paused, looked around to check in and read the room, and ask, “Are you confused?” (I expected the answer I got: YES!) or “Are you getting how weird this is?” (Again: YES!). 

It was awesome.

I think the kids are very proud of the fact that I promised they will be the most savvy, “in-the-know" children’s choir in the history of Mahler 8. Wish me luck.

Assignment for next week:
1) Review the new section 6 “Freudig empfangen wir”. Practice speaking the words first.  
2) Listen to Matthew Curtis sing the excerpt at least once a day.
The track is much longer than needed—our excerpt begins about :52 (where he suddenly gets louder on the word “Freudig”).  Start there at first.

Practicing at home last week, with the track, really made a difference! Thank you!


P.S. Ask your kid what a “Puppenstand” is. That’s “puppen-shtahnt.”