Dear MYC Families,

This is the kind of email we wish we could deliver in person to each of you because the news it carries is significant, exciting, and of a magnitude that is somewhat hard to fathom.

After years of dreaming about a permanent home--and more site visits, false starts, and meetings than we could count--it's time to reveal that MYC and Children's Theater of Madison (CTM) are collaborating on building a youth arts center in the Tenney-Lapham Neighborhood in Madison!

Take a breath. Reread that paragraph if needed. Ready to hear more?

The Collaboration
Over the past four years there has been a lot of hard work done by many people in the youth arts community to develop a plan for a dedicated, permanent space where arts programming can thrive and where collaboration can be pursued. While MYC and CTM emerged as logical partners in this particular project and will be the core residents, a separate non-profit corporation will be formed to govern, own, and operate the building. Our vision is for a space, utilized by many beyond just CTM and MYC, that nurtures and celebrates the myriad array of youth arts in the very center of Dane County. To that end, we will be hosting an informational meeting in November for all interested organizations to gather and hear the vision of the project and provide additional input for collaboration and building use.

The Location
At the corner of East Mifflin and North Ingersoll Streets, directly across from Lapham Elementary, sits an empty lot that, if all goes as planned, will soon be our 60,000 square foot building site. From every direction this location is strategically positioned to be equally accessible to all of Madison and the surrounding communities of Dane County--we couldn’t be more excited about the opportunities for access this central location presents to us!

The Building
Four floors of wonderful!
Eppstein Uhen Architects (EUA) is working on the design that currently includes plenty of rehearsal/programming space, office/collaboration space, a small theater, rooftop access for outdoor events/programming, and lots of natural light--all with the primary users (kids) in mind. It’s going to be amazing. EUA will be presenting the designs to the Urban Design Commission this month for review before the entire project, part of a larger Stone House Development initiative on that block, goes to the City of Madison for final approval at the end of the year.

The Questions. :)
We know you will have them and we’ll try to be as responsive as possible.  You can expect to hear about the project from other community members or in the press in the coming days or weeks as interest is piqued. Thank you in advance for relying on us as your primary source of information.

The Waiting
We anticipate a capital campaign will be launched next year and our first season in our new space will be 2020-21. In the meantime, we continue making the very best of our current space until we can no longer do so.

Your patience with Westgate has not gone unnoticed. We marvel every day at what can be accomplished in our humble space when the focus is on what we do instead of where we are. Thank you for seeing beyond the walls to what happens inside. Imagine the possibilities when our space finally reflects accurately the value we place on our singers and the youth we look forward to serving in the coming decades. We are inspired to work on this project and look forward to making it a reality. We can hardly believe this is happening, finally.

Thank you for celebrating with us!