"Joyfully called as servants to accompany congregations ans leaders in God's mission;
Praying. Encouraging. Serving. Equipping. Stewarding." Eph 4:11-13
  • Congregations in transitions
  • Fall congregational ministries starting up

Please join the synod team in prayer
  • Congregation of the week: South Enes Lutheran-Rev Susan Stone; United Ringsted-Rev Lauri Boysen
  • Synod of the week: Texas Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod, Bishop Michael Rinehart; Central/Southern Illinois Synod, Bishop John Roth
  • The refugees in Europe
  • Victims of hate crimes
 ELCA is less than $100,000 away from meeting its $15 million dollar goal..​
Fundraising Update: Friends, partners, valued volunteers…we are almost there! The ELCA Malaria Campaign has raised more than $14.9 million so far—we now have less than $100,000 to go! Thank you so much for your continued advocacy and hard work as we hurtle across the finish line in our quest to raise $15 million to support the malaria programs of our companions in Africa. As soon as we hit the $15 million mark, we will send you another “Special Bulletin” of our e-newsletter, to keep you in the loop and help you answer the questions that may arise from ELCA members in your synod. As we prepare to CELEBRATE GENEROSITY, please keep in mind that although the fundraising portion of the ELCA Malaria Campaign is coming to a close, our commitment to the health-related work of our companions in Africa and all around the world will not end. Malaria work and other health projects will be funded through ELCA World Hunger in the coming years. We hope we can count on your leadership to help lift up that good work!  
Why Are Our Health Care Costs Going Up? - Webinar video link
The recording of the webinar Portico Benefit Services held last Friday on “Why Are Our Health Care Costs Going Up” is now available online. Please share the link and invite others to watch it at their convenience, and share it with others in their ministry setting. To access the recording, plan members can visit the link...

Get Answers to Retirement Planning Questions (Pre-Retirement Seminar)
This Pre-retirement seminars is hosted by a certified Ernst & Young planner and Portico Benefit Services, who answers your questions about retirement planning, such as:
·         How much money will I really need in retirement?
·         How can I avoid common retirement traps?
·         How can I protect my assets to ensure the money is there when I need it?
·         How can I create lifetime income?
·         What steps can I take to ensure a smooth transition into retirement?
The seminar is most relevant to people age 50-plus or who are within 15 years of retirement. It's designed to show retirement in a whole new light.
Date:  Thursday, November 5, 2015 (register by 10/14)
Time: All seminars are day-long events that run from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Cost: $35 per person, $70 per couple, which includes breakfast, lunch, and snack  
Location:  ELCA Churchwide Ministries,  Augsburg Room,  8765 W Higgins Rd,  Chicago, IL 60631

United States and Chile: Shared 9/11 events 

By Cindy Wells, Director for Global Missions, Western Iowa Synod ELCA

Both the United States and the country of Chile, where we walk as brothers and sisters in Christ with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Chile (IELCH), share devastating national incidents on 9/11: the USA with the bombing of the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and other flight tragedies; Chile with the military coup, death of President Salvador Allende, and resulting 17-year dictatorship by General Agusto Pinochet. We are all well aware of our own occurrences and ramifications: let me share a bit more about the Chilean experience... The 1973 coup was a reaction to the cold-war era’s thwarting of more leftist, socialist governments. Such coups often involved US influence. Although democratically elected, the coup led to President Allende’s taking of his own life just before the military was about to enter his office to take him hostage or to take his life. The succeeding dictatorship was filled with torture, fear, oppression, and death as the intellectual community and anyone daring to speak against the Pinochet government was forced into submission...more here
Pastor Shawn Brooks was ordained the 30th of September in 
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in LaCrosse, WI.
He is serving at Christ Lutheran Church in LeMars, and also
St.Peter Lutheran Church in Brunsville.
Upcoming Events

Companion Synods Fair
Learn more ....
  • about the key model of accompaniment
  • Learn about companion synod and congregation relationships
  • Fellowship and fun: Tanzanian style auction, Chilean Wine and snacks!
  • Youth - come and find out more about the youth trip to Tanzania!
When: September 12th, 2015
Registration: 9:00 am
Programing: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm
Where: St. Mark Lutheran Church, Storm Lake
Register Here

God's Work. Our Hands. Sunday - September 13th
The date for the 2015 dedicated day of service is Sunday, September 13. Mark your congregation’s calendar today! In speaking about his congregation’s 2014 experience, a 10-year-old member from St. Andrew Lutheran Church in Whittier, Calif., puts it best: “It feels good to give.” There is a toolkit and more resources to help you get ready for this day of service. More info here...
Please feel free to share your photos or stories with us!
Fall Convocation for Rostered Leaders - Please register by September 21st!

Join rostered leaders from throughout the synod, and their spouses, for a time of worship, learning, conversation and restoration September 27-29 at Lutheran Lakeside Camp. Dr. Craig Nessan, Wartburg Theological Seminary, will be this year's keynote speaker.
Fall Convo Brochure
Register Online
Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church of Sibley, IA
has available one  more $3,000 “Educational Debt Reduction Scholarships” in 2015 for pastors in their first years of ministry in the Western Iowa Synod.  If you would like an application form or more info, contact Trinity at pastorbarbk@hickorytech.netApplications are due in by October 15, 2015, to be awarded by November 15, 2015.  Those who have applied in the past may re-apply.
ConFest 2015 - 2016
BFaithful Friends

Oct. 14th: Emanuel, Council Bluffs
Oct. 21st: First, Algona

...and in the Spring:
April 6th: St John, Carroll
April 13th: St John, LeMars

This year we will be offering 4 locations for our Confirmation Festival which is for confirmation students grade 6-9: 2 in the Fall and 2 in the Spring. The meal and registration is from 5:45 pm - 6:30 pm w/ program to follow from 6:30 pm - 8:15 pm. Cost: $5/person
Registration is limited at each location.
Register Here
SACCOs Gathering
Tues, Oct. 27, 2015
          First Lutheran Church         
1525 Three Cross Road, West Okoboji
6:30-7:00  light meal
7:00-8:00  program
 Contact Cindy Wells with expected number of attendees 712-732-4968 Ext. 441
 All are Welcome!  See you there!

Jr and Sr High
Youth Gatherings
at Ingham Okoboji Lutheran Bible Camp

Nov. 13-15: 6th-9th grade
Nov. 20-22: 9th -12th grade

Christian faith begins with God’s gracious gift of salvation through believing in Jesus Christ. However, it was never intended to remain just a set of ideas or beliefs. God gives us gifts, talents, time, and resources so that we can serve the people around us. This Recharge will both energize and equip youth to discover their gifts and passions, and give practical ideas for ways they can get out into the world and Do Something!
Registration information available soon!!!
Travel to the Holy Land....
The Western Iowa Synod Peace Not Walls network warmly invites you to join in its transformational travel opportunity to the Holy Land...

Travel Logistics/Parameters:
Dates:  March 28-April 13, 2016 (14-17 days total, final dates yet to be confirmed)
Cost: approximately $3,500-4,000 per person

More information will be available soon on our website!
2016 Youth Mission Trip to Tanzania
Have you ever thought about or dreamed about going to Africa? If so, here is an opportunity you don't want to pass up!!