August 2009

Health Care debate takes on a "faith" focus
Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk of the PC(USA) issues a statement,  the PC(USA) Washington Office signs on to a vision statement, and PARO (Presbyterians Affirming Reproductive Option)  signs an  open letter.

by Marie Bowen
President Obama is calling in the "faith groups" to help promote his proposed Health Care Plan. Websites, campaigns, Health Care Sabbaths, prayer vigils, are springing up faster than you can count. Citizens have been outspoken in recent weeks about their rejection of abortion coverage and health care rationing in the proposed government health care plan. The President and other politicians have tried to de-legitimize the outcry attributing it to "rumor" and "misinformation" and accusing "special interest" groups of instigating unrest. I see it very differently. I think we are seeing an unprecedented expression of the honest and deeply felt convictions of the public about the value of human life and about the protections of conscience we hold dear in this country.
Several PC(USA) entities have joined the campaign for a national health care plan. To read more click here.
Suggestions for Action & Response 
1. Do pray for our nation's leaders that they will make wise decisions that will uphold the lives of all U.S. citizens, including the unborn among us.
2. Sign up now for the August 19 Conference Call and submit a question that reflects your moral concerns about abortion coverage and whether conscience protections for taxpayers and medical providers will be written into the plan.
2.  Educate yourself by reading sources you trust to reflect your moral values. PPL suggests the following websites as places to start.
Focus on the Family's Citizenlink
3. Write, call, or meet personally with your Senators and House Representatives and make your views and convictions known about a government Health Care Plan.


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Yours in Christ for Life, 

Marie Bowen, Executive Director
Philippians 1:5-7
"Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus."