A Lot Can Be Accomplished in Seven Days!
With turn-in day approaching next weekend, we have seven days to email friends and family, post to Facebook, make a phone call or simply have a conversation about what MYC means to us. Don't underestimate the value of your personal MYC story and the power of including people in your appeal who care about how you spend your time. Our goal is 100% participation--thank you for sharing your MYC story with at least one person outside your immediate family.

Reminders for this week:
As you receive responses, please keep your donations organized and with you until turn-in day on March 18/19.

Record each donation on your tracking sheet: both those made by check and those made via the electronic form. (If you are wondering whether an electronic donation has been made, feel free to contact us.) Remember: every donation made by check requires a completed donor record form.

Need more supplies? Check out the It's MYChoir table at rehearsals or print your own from the It's MYChoir page on our website (under the Members tab).

Say thank you! This is so important! MYC is also providing a thank you along with a receipt but a note from you is the most meaningful.

Remember: Our goal is 100% participation! Just like in rehearsal, every voice matters and your participation is key.

Not sure whether to use a letter, email or Facebook appeal?
Consider your audience. You know them best.

It's not too late to get started--make a plan and send.

Thank you for participating!
It's MYChoir (IMC) is both a fundraising campaign and an opportunity for members and staff to share with the wider community the importance of music education and the benefits it provides. Because tuition alone covers less than 50% of the total cost of each singer's enrollment, fundraising is a necessary part of MYC membership. We count on families to fully participate and meet their $200 family fundraising goal each year to help cover the tuition gap.