Presbyterians Pro-Life ENEWS, February 2016
 Some are pointing to possible use of genetic engineering for creating weapons of mass destruction, but as the church shouldn’t we be considering both the spiritual and generational risks of trying to “fix” God’s creation? 

A recent article from MIT Technical Review reported James Clapper, US Director of national intelligence, has 'genetic editing' to a list of potential WMDs (weapons of mass destruction). The author raises concerns that genetic engineering may be used as a WMD by terrorists.

One paragraph stands out because it points toward the another risk—one that gets closer to the heart of the sheer foolishness of humans believing we can somehow improve or 'fix' God's incredibly complex and intricate formation of human life—the risk being unintentional inheritable consequences for generations.
How we go matters more than all the eloquent things said here. Kelly Rosati (V.P for Community Outreach at Focus on the Family) challenged around 500 people at the Evangelicals for Life conference in Washington D.C. with those words.

Rosati read I Cor 13 with a pro-life twist: 
If we have the perfect prolife argument without love we are a clanging gong. If we know exactly how to make everyone value life but have no love we are nothing. If we have faith for a day where children are protected, cherished, but proclaim that faith without love we have nothing. If we give all we have without love we gain nothing. I can even surrender my body to flames, be martyred, but I will gain nothing without love.
Good News in poll results
Human Life Alliance ( recently reported:
Brand new survey results confirm that 84% of U.S. citizens “Would Ban Abortion After 3 Months of Pregnancy.”

Knights of Columbus have posted a new poll conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion. It confirms the vast majority of Americans oppose abortion.

Other findings show the same 84% believe laws can protect both a mother and her child in the womb. In addition, at least 60% say all abortion is morally wrong, compared to 38% of those who support abortion.
Zika a threat to unborn children

PPL recommends the following articles for your information and to help you educate others:

Zika is a “battle for life”, by Carmen Fowler LaBerge,
Zika virus & unborn children, Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues
Pro-abortionists use Zika as “traction”, Life Issues Institute 
Zika virus: What do we need to know? Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission
Churches for Life sponsors 2016 Life Summit

How do I respond biblically to life issues in light of the 2016 elections?
How can I help someone struggling with dementia to live out their life with dignity?
How can I help our church graciously make abortion unthinkable?
How can I love people struggling with miscarriage or a special-needs child?
How can I help my church consistently engage in life issues with joy, grace, and truth?
If you find yourself asking these and related questions, then the 2016 Life Summit is for you! At this fourth annual Life Summit, you’ll get inspired and informed to respond biblically, and equip others to respond biblically, to these and other life-related questions. The Life Summit is sponsored by Churches for Life, experts in nourishing churches as gospel-driven champions of life. Enjoy godly, professional speakers, robust fellowship, and great food on Saturday, April 2, 2016 at St. Paul’s Evangelical Church in St. Louis, Missouri.

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