The Ti-Alliance has had a busy Summer season helping to bring the Trekonderoga Star Trek Convention to Ticonderoga.  With the success of this great inaugural event, we are confident that it will grow and provide ongoing economic value to the Ticonderoga region. Below is a report on Trekonderoga that we hope conveys the fun and benefits experienced by many,  and a summary of TRA projects and activities planned for the coming months.
"Trekonderoga has Bright Future" 
Press Republican 9/17/15
"Trekonderoga: Ti Never Saw Anything Like This" Lake George Mirror 9/11/15

By all accounts the Star Trek convention “Trekonderoga” on September 4-6 was a BIG success.  Co-sponsored by Retro Studios and TRA, we went over our target number of attendees of 200 to reach 319.  The feedback from the fans and the media coverage were great, and the town got an economic benefit and a boost in visibility.  All the convention bills have been paid and we have enough revenue remaining to start 2016 with a modest positive account in order to cover a few of TRA's general operating costs.    

What was the economic impact on Ti?  
An online survey of attendees, which had a very high 61% response rate, showed that the majority of attendees were new to the Ticonderoga area.  46% stayed in paid lodging in the area (most for two nights or more), and an average of $41 was spent on food daily.  Survey figures were reviewed by the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST), which calculated the estimated direct economic benefit to be $73,000.  While the indirect economic benefits were not calculated, the economic multiplier used by similar events would indicate a total income as a result of new spending at around $164,000. 

This was the first of what will be many annual Star Trek conventions in Ticonderoga.  Planning is already under way for Trekonderoga 2016 which is projected to grow to 500 attendees or more, and will probably be held in mid-June.  The success of Trekonderoga  may also lead to the opening of Retro Film Studios as a regular attraction (starting in the Summer) including studio tours, making Ticonderoga the only town where one can travel from the 18th century to the 23rd century in a matter of minutes!

A big thank you to all the volunteers (50 awesome volunteers), businesses that welcomed Trekonderoga, and Town officials and personnel who were so supportive, for making this event such a success.

Click here to see the Trekonderoga 2015 Program Book.
What People are saying about Trekonderoga
 " I have always had a deep love for upstate NY. I now plan to visit Ticonderoga more." Trek fan

“Best CON (Trek Convention) EVER!” Trek fan

"Labor Day is notoriously busy, but this is above and beyond.  It was busier than 4th of July and that was on a Saturday.  Plus I don't normally get to serve Captain Kirk at the lunch counter." Burleigh Luncheonette

"The convention was an unexpected boost for Ticonderoga tourism, with restaurants and hotels filled with 'Star Trek' fans all weekend".  Press Republican editorial 9/17/15

"Thanks for putting this on. Great job on the maiden voyage!"  Trek fan
Pam Nolan Joins TRA Board
We are focusing on some additional organization-building measures. This month we welcome Pam Nolan to our Board of Directors.  Many people know Pam as the Chief Operating Officer of the Ticonderoga Federal Credit Union, as well as an active community member.  Pam brings her enthusiasm for Ticonderoga and an expert knowledge of business and finance to our board and we look forward to her creative talents on the board.

TRA Steering Board
We are also beginning to re-establish the TRA Steering Board.   The Steering Board will bring the talents and expertise of interested individuals from the business, education and civic communities  to help with our strategic direction and the development and implementation of specific projects.  
Projects Under Development & Exploration

TRA is working on a number of projects that are at various stages of development:
Financial Products - to increase the amount and availability of funds that are targeted on revitalization and opportunities for citizens to invest in local business development.  One product involves a local bank or credit union focusing some of their financial assets specifically for revitalization efforts, and marketing the availability of such for new loans to businesses.  We are also exploring a Community Loan Fund as a way for private individuals to target some of their personal investments to be used for revitalization actions;

A Brewpub - to be located downtown, with a brewery onsite and with delicious food to increase customers downtown and create new jobs;

School of Applied Technology - Possible cooperation with the North Country Community College (NCCC) in their efforts to lead a consortium of colleges to establish a new School of Applied Technology in Ticonderoga.  This project would bring a strong, and long term economic boost to the region.  North Country Community College is leading the project with a grant from the State and is currently conducting a feasibility study to map out the plan.  

Derelict Buildings - Possible cooperation with the Town of Ticonderoga in the rejuvenation of derelict buildings in Ticonderoga, including through the use of TRA’s special legal status as a Local Development Corporation; and
Trekonderoga 2016 – A bigger and even better version of the 2015 Star Trek convention!

We will share details as these projects develop and look forward to working with the town and community members to ensure their long term success.  Stay tuned for more news.
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Stay tuned for the upcoming TRA fund raiser The King in Concert starring James Cawley, the nation's number one Elvis Presley tribute artist, a fabulous showman, the head of Retro Studio, and Ti native son.

Elvis will be accompanied by a full band.   Don't miss this opportunity to see, feel and hear the Jailhouse Rock! 

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