April 14, 2020


Join us Thursday evening for a Virtual Town Hall
on the Move to 100% Renewable Energy
in Massachusetts!

Come to our online Virtual Town Hall event and join the movement for 100% renewable energy. You’ll hear from inspiring speakers and learn how you can make your voice heard.

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MassSave Online Home Energy Assessments
still taking applications

Though on-premises work through MassSave is currently suspended because of the coronavirus state of emergency, the new Online Home Energy Assessment is still accepting applications.

For folks filling out the OHEA, instant and mail-in rebates, on-line marketplace offerings, active demand response applications, and non-direct install incentive projects will still be available. You'll also be in the system for when in-home energy efficiency work from MassSave resumes.

COVID-19 Concerns Over Construction Continue

Allowing construction work to continue during this crisis, when all other non-essential work has been halted, puts both workers and the public at unnecessary risk. This is especially true of specialized trades like pipeline workers.  In most cases, as evidenced by citizen watchdogs in Weymouth, workers are not able to wash their hands or maintain at least six foot distancing while working on site. These workers often travel from other regions of the country,  staying at local extended-stay lodging, shopping at local gas stations, pharmacies, and convenience stores, allowing the coronavirus to spread across state borders. Any construction-related accidents also place more pressure on already overburdened EMT, urgent care and emergency rooms.

OSHA has issued a letter to Enbridge after our many complaints to FERC and OSHA regarding the continued construction during this time of pandemic. Thanks to all of you for your persistence! To read Enbridge's response and OSHA's compliance demands, go here.

» See nocompressor.com for details on contacting FERC and OSHA to demand shutdown construction at the Enbridge compressor in Weymouth, MA.

This battle over work vs. health in the building trades is happening state-wide, with unions from multiple building trades raising the alarm.

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