Summer in Nahant is just around the corner!!
NPT 20th Anniversary Approaches
It was nearly 20 years ago that the NPT began to take shape as an 11th hour effort to save the 1904 Georgian school building known as the Valley Road School from demolition. In 2017 we will be celebrating the preservation of Nahant's unique legacy for today and generations to come - stay tuned for more details! 

Our journey has been a long one that would not have been possible without your strong
and ongoing support. After years of extensive renovations at the Valley Road School, it
has been operating successfully since re-opening in 2004 as a self-sustaining Community Center housing the Nahant Historical Society, the Council on Aging, and providing meeting and office space for small businesses and town sponsored groups such as the Scouts. 

The next challenge the NPT took on was the renovation and adaptive re-use of the Nahant Life Saving Station, which was returned to the Town in 2000 through the efforts of many townspeople and our elected officials, particularly Senator Ted Kennedy. The NPT accepted the request from the Town of Nahant to assume responsibility for the restoration and on-going management of the Station. A wonderful coalition of dedicated volunteers came together to save this iconic building. This site is now also self-sustaining via tenant and event income and serves as the home of Nahant’s American Legion Post. 

We were recently cited by the US Life-Saving Service Heritage Association who noted that the Nahant LSS is truly unique in being the only station built by the LSS that has multi-directional doors enabling support for rescue operations in Nahant Bay and Broad Sound. They also complimented Nahant for our excellent maintenance of the Station. 

The Station has been enjoyed by many Town residents as a unique location for their special events. Two recent May examples were the Garden Club plant sale and the Legion event honoring our veterans on Memorial Day. It might have been wet both days but the spirit of the attendees shone through as seen in the Garden Club photo below.

Over the NPT’s history and with your help, we have beaten the odds and now have two beautifully restored historic buildings that are self-sustaining. However, as any homeowner knows, building maintenance is an ongoing challenge often presenting unexpected expense.  Toward that end, we continue to engage in fundraising and advocacy activities to keep these historic landmarks operating. You can be sure that your donations will be well spent as we operate entirely through the efforts of our dedicated volunteers and 100% of funds received go directly toward our mission.
Help us restore the worn Serenity Room floor to its former glory. Please support our joint fundraising efforts with Dance Dimensions, which kicked-off on April 29 with a  successful Tango performance and workshop. 

We are planning to install the new flooring this August but we still need your help to pay for this expensive but necessary effort. Watch for information on an additional fundraising event later this summer. 

Station Enhancements:
Stairs, walkways, landscaping and parking lot

At long last, much-needed improvements to the LSS grounds are nearing completion. Improvements include new walkways and wooden stairs that now replace the old steep cement stairs, (which were not original to the building). The wooden stairs help in restoring the exterior to its original design. New plantings along with fencing and parking lot improvements add to the sustainability of the property.

Stay tuned for further improvements including sidewalk extension, overhead coverings over both rear doors, boat room door repairs and historical information added to the boat room.  Plans are also underway for donor names to be installed on the station windows this summer. 
Your NPT Membership
Preserving Nahant's Legacy
Our dedicated volunteers and members keep the NPT running. If you are already a member, thanks so much for your support. If you are not yet a member, please consider becoming one.

Annual memberships range from $25 for an individual or $40 for a family.
Sponsorship level memberships range from $100 to $1000.

Donations can be mailed to PO Box 30 in Nahant or given via PayPal on our website at:

All contributions are tax deductible for federal & state income tax purposes.

Look for an upcoming reminder from us on renewing your membership or joining the NPT as a new member.
Your Next Event - Why Not With Us?

Is 2016 the year for your family or business special event?  The Life Saving Station is a wonderful seaside spot for a family reunion, special birthday or anniversary, reception, rehearsal dinner or quiet wedding celebration. Businesses have found it to be a great location for a mid-week team barbecue, or offsite management meeting. Nahant residents qualify for discounted rates. 

And don't forget that you can also have events in one of the function rooms at the Nahant Community Center at 41 Valley Road.

Contact our us for more information by emailing:
 Nahant Garden Club volunteers at their annual plant sale held at the LSS.
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