How are things with God and You?
Nearly every time I begin a conversation with my Spiritual Director he will ask, “How are things with God and you?”  My response this past visit was, “a work in progress.”  Of those things I have learned is that we will never have the perfect relationship with God.  Yet, there are ways for us to fight back the chaos of the world and attempt to stay Christocentric.  One of those tools is the Chrism Mass tradition of the church catholic that may date back to Third-century writer and saint, Hippolytus of Rome.  We in the Lutheran tradition rediscovered its positive effects only recently. 
The service calls us together to hear the Word and gather around the table to share the Eucharist, and it helps us, who become too busy during the Holy Week marathon, to stop and tend to our own relationship with God.  Traditionally, oil used for the chrism during baptism, healing and other anointing, is blessed and made available.  We have incorporated a brief rite that allows us to remember our ordination/consecration vows as well.  It is a time of worship for the spiritual leaders of our church, and a time to check-in with colleague as we break bread together for lunch.
I pray you will tend to your relationship with God and join us on March 26, 2018, 11:00am, at St. Mark Lutheran, Storm Lake.  Please let Julie Cook,, know that you plan to attend so we can set a plate for you.  There will be a nominal cost for the lunch.
+Bishop Rodger Prois