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Give the gift of names.

When you think about people you know from your own congregation or from throughout the synod, which ones stand out as “wise voices,” “thoughtful decision-makers,” and/or
“stars” when it comes to serving well?
From now until January 6, 2018, we hope you will participate in an ingathering of names. Please share the names of people who you think should be considered for leadership positions in this synod – now or in the future. 
We really need the names of gifted lay leaders,
including youth, young adults and persons of color.
Pastor Mark Urlaub, Chair of the Synod Nominating Committee, is gathering up recommendations. Send names of potential leaders (for council, committees, etc.) to
Send a name >
Send one name or two or as many as you can muster; and include at least a sentence or two of rationale. In other words, for what type/area of leadership is 
this person (these people) best suited, and why. 

With every recommendation, include the name, congregation where the person belongs, and some contact information (email or phone).

Feel free to submit your own name. Or be the “star” that shines a light to reveal the talents of others.

Consider forwarding this to other leaders in your congregation for their input.
Thank you for your help.
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