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August, 2013

It's back to school time! As parents make ready for the first days of school I hope you will include some conversations with your middlers and teens that equip them to live sexually pure God-honoring lives. Our September ENEWS will begin a teaching series on this topic written by PCA pastor, Jonathan Shirk. You won't want to miss it!

With this issue we are wrapping up our 3-part series on the physical and mental health risks of abortion. Thanks to Drs. Patricia Lee June and Martha Leatherman for these informative articles sifting out the many studies on this topic. If you missed the first two articles you can access them any time on the PPL website.

Also below you will find the 3rd in our 6-part teaching series, "Made in God's Image" by Rev. Dr. Mark D. Atkinson. This month Atkinson ably guides us through the Biblical prohibitions against the taking of human life.
Six Scriptural Themes Indicating Why We Are Pro-Life
Made in God's Image: Part Three

from a sermon by Mark Atkinson
Eddel in utero
Eddel in utero

C. God forbids us to kill innocent life

Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 5:17; Amos 1:13; Leviticus 18:21

"Thus says the LORD: . . . I will not revoke the punishment, because they have ripped open pregnant women in Gilead, that they might enlarge their border." -Amos 1:13

There is a moment in the story of the Lord of the Rings when, upon discovering that the wretched and wicked creature Gollum is following their trail, Frodo wishes that his uncle Bilbo had killed Gollum when he had the opportunity to do so, many years before. Gandalf chastises Frodo asking, "Can you give life? Do not be so quick to take it away." Only God should decide death and life. Part of the terribleness of abortion is not only that it is the killing of a life, but that in choosing abortion we put ourselves before God: deciding who will live and who will die. We take a role that is reserved for Him.

Health Risks of Abortion, Part 3 of 3
by Dr. Patricia Lee June, M.D.
© Tyler Olson -
© Tyler Olson -

Not only is the mother at long-term risk from induced abortion, so are her future children.

Rates of miscarriage increase after abortion

Studies involving miscarriage (spontaneous abortion prior to 20 weeks gestation) show mixed results, but a recent large study from China in women who had not yet given birth showed at least a 55% increase in first trimester miscarriage after first trimester induced abortion. Studies show a larger risk after multiple abortions. The rate of premature birth, especially of very early premature birth, is increased after induced abortion. Studies have shown an increased risk averaging 36% with one induced abortion rising to 93% with multiple induced abortions.

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The National Abstinence Clearinghouse. The new tool sends daily affirmations, warnings, and humor meant to give "positive reinforcement for the young people in your church, or for your sons or daughters." "Every young person in America has access to a cell phone," claims the website for the APP. The "Love & Laugh" app seeks "to educate and motivate young people to make positive, moral, and healthy choices in their lives."

Learn more here.

Have a child with special needs? You need to know you are NOT ALONE. This wonderful website is filled with articles from parents of children with special needs. The shared struggles and joys of the parents of children with special needs on this website offer rich truths learned in the sometimes crushing realities of their daily lives. Here is just one example.
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Made in God's Image
Health Risks of Abortion
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Talking about Abortion
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Talking About Abortion
by Marie Bowen

Recently I was asked how I answer those who oppose the pro-life position. When we address those with whom we disagree, it is of first importance to remember he/she too is created by God in His image and someone for whom Christ died. Let that change your heart, your tone, and your demeanor. There is more at stake than "winning" an argument. Stick to a quiet statement of the facts and leave the rest to God.

Q. How do you respond to an angry woman who says "It's my body, my choice!"?

A. It is wise to avoid cliches or rhetoric. Simply state the facts: The child in the womb is--from the moment of fertilization--a new individual with a separate genetic identity from any other person on earth. Scientific and Medical knowledge agree that a new life begins at the moment of fertilization--that already he/she is a tiny human being, alive and unique. This created being is separate and individual from the woman's body and a life created and owned by God. No one, even the mother, has God's permission to take innocent life. Human beings are given the right to kill animals for food, but we are prohibited from taking the life of another human.

Q. What about rape and incest? Shouldn't the woman have a choice to abort?

Rape is a terrible act of violence against the woman and she surely needs the tender loving care of the church. She needs prayer and comfort and love to see her through to a place of healing and restoration. When she becomes pregnant as the result of rape or incest, it is especially difficult because she did not choose to be pregnant and may not wish to become a parent.

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