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August 2015 Newsletter  |  Number 125
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 The Dialects series (Articulatory  Flexibility, Dialects I and Dialects II) will take place over 2 weekends: August 29-30 and Sept. 5-6. For complete details, click here.
Upcoming Classes


Advanced Narration - 8/4-5

Long Form Narration - 8/7-8
VO Techniques - 8/3-17

Acting for VO & More - 8/5-19

Small Group Workout - 8/6

Home Recording I - 8/11

INTRO: Starting Out - 8/15

Your Voice Imprint - 8/16

Stepping Out - 8/22

Creating Characters - 8/22

VO Bootcamp - 8/23

Dialects Series - 8/29-9/6


Twitter for Actors - 9/3 New Class
​INTRO: Starting Out - 9/5

Preparing for a Demo - 9/8-15

Small Group Workout - 9/9

Firerarms for Actors - 9/10 New Class

Teleprompter - 9/12

On-Camera Workout - 9/12

Stepping Out - 9/13
Creating Characters - 9/13
Daytime Conservatory - 9/14-11/16
Home Recording I - 9/16
Video Game Challenge - 9/17-24
By The Book - 9/19-20, 26-27
Scene Study - 9/21-10/26
Diction & Clarity - 9/22
Behind The Scenes - 9/29
Professional Invitational - 9/30

Classes often sell out. Register early! 

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Activate Your Voice is a professional vocal warm up in your pocket. Use it

anytime, anywhere to speak like a pro. Just five minutes a day improves your vocal resonance, strength, articulation and enunciation.

The main purposes of a voiceover demo are to:
• Submit to talent agents for representation.
• Post on talent databases.
• Email to clients.
• Showcase on your personal website.
• Include in pay-to-play sites for job opportunities.

When posting or sending a demo, it is best to describe your niche or niches, rather than the ads you’ve voiced. On pay-to-play sites, rather than or in addition to posting your entire demo, you may want to cut them up and label each clip to get more visibility on the sites. The company’s title does not lend as much hiring information as a description of the actor’s voice and personality.

When you have voiced an ad for a company and wish to post that company’s logo on your website, you may not necessarily have permission to do so. Many companies have very stringent rules about where their logos can appear and who can use them. Just because it is easy to grab and drag a company logo off a website does not mean you can. Check the use guidelines on their websites.
The lifespan of a demo should only be as long as you feel comfortable sending it out and having people hear it. For some, this may be six months. For others, six years. Does it accurately depict your current abilities? Have technology, styles, and attitudes changed so that it sounds dated? Did you just voice a new job that you know would be a fantastic addition? Do other people’s demos sound better than yours? Stay on top of your career and change your demo as often as you need to stay competitive.

Excerpted from third edition of "There's Money Where Your Mouth Is," by Elaine Clark. Order a copy.
Look Who's Talking

* Kirk Livingston signed with JE Talent. 
* Gerry Cannon and Stephen Sass signed with Tonry Talent.
* Ponder Goddard, Karen Lundin, and Aletheia Celio recorded demos.
David Babich recorded a spot for McDonalds.
Trish Bell recorded a commercial for WAFB’s Plantation Tours in Louisiana.
​* Owen Baker-Flynn recorded FIVE voices for a video game.​
Jen Knight stays busy - she recently recorded promos for QuantiaMD, a new Kickstarter campaign for bathroom products and for a mobile app, . She also did a few QuickTip Episodes for Closetmaid.
Don Moffit's fourth audiobook is now for sale on Audible/Amazon/iTunes, with two more in the pipeline. He's also recently completed jobs for 3M and Hadoop.
Sara Jane Keskula recorded the VO for a promotional video for Aerolink.
​* Rossana Schneider recorded a National Commercial for Square.
* Jayse O’Brien recorded commercials for Apple Pay on Square, Stubhub, Nature Box, and Humboldt Creamery. He also recorded characters for an unnamed game.

Sunday Drop-In Improv
Alternate Sundays 5:30-7:30pm. 
Classes on August 16 & 30.
​​$15 cash at the door.
To receive weekly improv updates, send us an email.
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