November 23, 2009

PPL's mission defined in webcast
Executive Director of PPL, Marie Bowen speaks to leadership of First Presbyterian Church in Ocean City, NJ about the pro-life work and witness of PPL in the PC(USA). Click on the picture below to view  the 18 minute presentation.
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November is Adoption Month
Visit PPL's website for the complete series of six articles posted to highlight Adoption Month in November.  
Biblical examples show how God has used adoption to provide for children and to further his purposes and kingdom
There are a number of examples of adoption in Scripture. Not all were cases of providing for orphans, although God specifically calls his people to care for orphans. Some were occasions of placing a child in adoption for a specific purpose, but all were cases of providing for the well being of the child. To read all of Article 4 click here

Adoption upholds the scriptural emphasis on the role of the father. (ARTICLE 3)
Adoption upholds marriage as the building block for parenting. (ARTICLE 2)
Adoption embodies the biblical theme of the covenant (ARTICLE 1)
The series is reprinted from "Partakers of the Grace: Biblical Foundations for Adoption," written by June Ring and published by PPL in 1997. 
Look for more resources for Adoption on our website.
What would Jesus say about abortion?Julia in utero
By Rev. Jodi Mathews
What would Jesus say about abortion? Christians on both sides of the abortion debate would say that Jesus was on their side. How would they know? Did Jesus ever actually speak to the topic?  Certainly not directly. Abortion wasn't a common practice in first century Palestine, and there were no clinics available to women to abort their babies, so the subject didn't come up.Julia, a toddler
As a woman who is old enough to remember when abortion was still illegal, I remember pondering the question, "What would Jesus say about it?" way back in the beginning stages of the sexual revolution of the 1960's. Several of my girlfriends were getting abortions, as they discovered that they were pregnant. Most of us back then were ambivalent in our opinion on the matter. I think that intuitively, we felt it was morally wrong, but on the other hand, we weren't sure. After all, if the embryo isn't really a person yet, what difference does it make? And faced with the choice of simply removing the unwanted embryo with a simple surgical procedure, or going through with the pregnancy and the shame and embarrassment that came with it, not to mention the inconvenience of it, hey...let's opt for simplicity! Read more. 



We are grateful to God for you!
The PPL Board of Directors gives thanks to God for the following congregations which have been particularly generous in supporting the work of Presbyterians Pro-Life this year in spite of a tough economic environment.
Bethany Collegiate 
  Havertown, PA
Bethel United PC
Enon Valley, PA
Calvary  PC
Enfield, CT
Central PC
Baltimore, MD
Community PC
Danville, CA
Covenant PC
 Ligonier, PA
Dinwiddie PC
Hillsville, VA
First Presbyterian
Orlando, FL
First Presbyterian
Bickleton, WA
First Presbyterian
 =Castle Shannon, PA
First Presbyterian
 Corinth, MS
First Presbyterian
 Girard, PA
First Presbyterian
 Ocean City, NJ
First Presbyterian
Olathe, KS
First Presbyterian
Oostburg, WI
First United PC
Moline, IL
Forks of the Brandywine Glenmoore, PA
Fort Square PC
Quincy, MA
Graystone PC
Indiana, PA
Ken Mawr UPC
McKees Rocks, PA
Kishwaukee Community
Stillman Valley, IL
Mt. Pleasant PC
Aliquippa, PA
Presbyterian Church of Shippensburg
 Shippensburg, PA
Third Presbyterian
Richmond, VA
Upper Octorara PC
Parkesburg, PA 


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leafWishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for partnering with PPL in uplifting vulnerable human life!

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Marie Bowen, Executive Director
Psalm 103:21-22
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