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April 2011

Who will cry justice for the unborn?justice image

Bruce Reyes-Chow, former General Assembly Moderator and member of the Justice subcommittee of the GAMC (General Asembly Mission Council), gave a devotion at the committee meeting in Louisville, March 31.
...Reyes-Chow invited members of the committee to share places where they had recently seen a need for justice...The shared concerns for justice provided a stark backdrop for the reading of Romans 12:9-21:

"Hate what is evil, cling to what is good...Honor one another ...Live at peace with everyone ...Leave room for God's wrath...Overcome evil with good."

Outside the circle, in the seats reserved for observers, a sense of sorrow rose in me as I realized, "Babies, waiting to be born, have no voice on this committee!" For all the talk of justice around the table, no one cried out for justice for the 1.2 million tiny human beings brutally aborted each year in America! Children in the womb- the most vulnerable and innocent of all humankind-have no defenders at the highest levels of our denomination's government.

That is why the presence of Presbyterians Pro-Life in the PC(USA) is so important! Read the full article here.
Birth Dearth and Mainline Declineb-a-b-y blocks

"Why the decline in the mainline church?" "Some will say it is because of statements on abortion or other issues, but that doesn't explain the Southern Baptists."

So challenged Eileen Linder in a joint meeting of staff from the GAMC and OGA held in Louisville at the Brown Hotel on March 30th. "It's not because they are in a huff or dead...We are in a niche of affluence and education," Linder said. "[Both] have an inverse relationship with family size...we are having smaller families than our parents." Read more.

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GAMC Attitude Check
twins 'in utero'

Comments made in jest at the March GAMC meeting devalued motherhood and the lives of unborn babies. I know both individuals to be faithful servants of Christ and the church. I am certain they did not intend to be insensitive, but it is also true that they did not project Biblical views regarding the birth of children. Thus the title-GAMC needs an attitude check!

It was the final, tightly scheduled plenary session of the GAMC meeting...Susan Ezell, moved a nominee to fill a vacancy in the Advocacy Committee for Racial Ethnic Concerns... "She decided to have twins," Ezell said. She decided! She might have said, "God has blessed her with twins," or "She has received the joyful news that she is expecting twins." Instead Ezell said, "She decided to have twins." Ezell's framing is politically correct in a 'pro-choice' denomination, but it fails to acknowledge God's interest as Creator of these precious twins or that their lives belong to Him....Ezell's comment prompted Mike Kruse, GAMC Moderator to joke, "That's what happens when you don't have your priorities in the right place." He meant it humorously, but his comment reveals an all-too-prevalent attitude that devalues motherhood and communicates that career, education, church service-you name it-are more important that raising the next generation of believers! Such attitudes from church leaders toward the unborn and toward mothers are disappointing.

...The gift of pregnancy should not be taken for granted...Read the full article.

April is Abortion Awareness Month
Church Project Ideas from Elliott Institute

Discovering Grace Resource leads those who have experienced abortion to forgiveness and restoration.

Mother's Day Project
Mother's Day card sale provides medical care for pregnant women in Africa. PPL has been assured by project leaders that funds from this project are not used for abortions.

Baby Development Slideshow

From tiniest beginnings to birth, this slideshow traces the developmental markers for each month of pregnancy. A wonderful teaching tool to use with Psalm 139.

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by Abby Johnson

Abby Johnson, recruited as an idealistic college volunteer by Planned Parenthood in Bryan, Texas, believed that she would be helping women and reducing the number of abortions by supplying birth control. As a clinic director, she was told to increase revenue by doing more abortions. Being pressed into assisting in an ultrasound abortion finally opened Abby's eyes to the truth of abortion, and began her exodus from Planned Parenthood.

Abby says her journey out of Planned Parenthood was unplanned...except by God.

If there is one seed I hope to plant in the heart of everyone who hears my story, it is that God is worthy of our obedience and trust. When we step out in obedience, God rolls out the red carpet!

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Pregnant With Promise is a Bible Study for men and women of all ages-it is NOT just for women who are pregnant or mothers!

The biblical stories of pregnant women: Eve, Sarah, Mary, & others, teach of a God who knew and loved you before you were born. You will discover a God who is present in your most painful experiences. God provides for his people, keeps his promises, accomplishes the impossible, and brings blessing and life even when we deserve the curse of death.

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