A Madison Symphony Christmas
Friday, November 30, 2018
Happy Friday, All!

Tonight is our first performance with the symphony--thank you for reviewing the details below. We're looking forward to an amazing weekend together!

Tonight is full concert (fancy duds) wardrobe:
Purcell, Britten, and Holst:  Blue blazer, khaki pants, white Oxford shirt, boychoir tie, black belt (if needed), black socks, black dress shoes (please no tennis shoes).

Cantilena and Cantabile: black MYC concert dress, black hosiery, flat, black dress shoes.

Ragazzi: spiffy tuxedo with bow tie, black dress shoes, black socks. If you were sent to Nedrebos for your jacket or were fitted without a bow tie, Lynn will have a bow tie for you at security tonight. Everyone else--your bow tie should be where it belongs when it's not around your neck--in the pocket of your jacket. Look there first!

All: Please do not wear any excessive jewelry (no visible necklaces, large earrings, etc.), nor perfumes/scents.

Schedule for Tonight
Boychoir call time is 7:00PM | pick up is 8:15PM
Cantilena, Cantabile, and Ragazzi call time is also 7:00PM | pick up is 9:45PM

Singers should have their security passes ready to show the Overture staff upon arrival. While we want everyone to take responsibility for their passes, please do not panic if it gets lost or damaged. MYC staff is at security to help you. Only singers, MYC staff, and registered volunteers are allowed past security.

The full schedule and other important reminders can be found in your (previously shared and distributed) MSO Rehearsal and Concert Primer.

Please plan ahead to make sure you have time to find parking as downtown will be busy all weekend. Parking ramps near Overture will be charging their flat "Event Parking" fee of $8 upon entry. Cash or credit cards are accepted.

Thank you for not blocking traffic on N Henry Street during pick up and drop off. Please pull your car to a temporary parking spot along the curb or circle the block until there's a space. Traffic needs to be able to move in both directions as this is a main corridor for emergency vehicles.

Text Alerts
To sign up for these handy alerts, please text the code assigned to your singer's ensemble (e.g., "@mycpc" for Purcell) to the number 81010 (yay! it's working!):

Purcell: @mycpc
Britten: @mycbr
HolstMSO: @mycmso
Cantilena: @myccl
Cantabile: @myccb
Ragazzi: @mycrz

Thank you, parents, (grandparents!, etc.), for supporting your singer's participation in this extraordinary performance opportunity. Everyone is doing a fabulous job--looking forward to tonight!