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May 15, 2012

Abortion advocacy will be GA topic

Two pieces of business calling the church to advocate for unlimited access and funding for abortion services are coming to the 220th General Assembly of the PC(USA) to be held in Pittsburgh, PA, June 30-July 7.Item 21-03 from Albany Presbytery asks commissioners to the General Assembly:

[T]o protect all women's access to comprehensive health care, including access to health services that enable responsible family planning and honor the exercise of individual conscience.

Auburn Seminary honors two women from Planned Parenthood
Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood
Federation of America (PPFA) and Cecilia Guthrie Boone, Chair of the PPFA Board, were among four honorees at Auburn Seminary's 16th Annual Lives of Commitment Benefit Breakfast held May 2nd. The purpose of the event is to "honorwomen who bridge religious divides, build community, and pursue justice" according to the invitation posted on Auburn's website. Clearly they do not mean justice for lives in the womb. Planned Parenthood is the biggest abortion provider in the United States, aborting 300,000 innocent babies each year.
EPC Congregation hears PPL vision

Shiloh Presbyterian Church in St. Mary's, PA hosted a Sunday evening community worship service last month with an emphasis on the value bestowed by God on human life. PPL's Executive Director, Marie Bowen

shared with the ecumenical crowd PPL's vision to equip churches in the broader Presbyterian and Reformed Community until Every Church, Everywhere, Cherishes Every Life. Catholics, Baptists, and Presbyterians who attended the meeting and who have long been involved in praying and working politically to end abortion in our nation were thrilled to hear fresh ideas for congregational ministry to women who are pregnant and to those who have experienced abortion and suffer silently in our pews.

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We need your help as we prepare for the 220th PCUSA General Assembly

June 30-July 7, 2012, Pittsburgh, PA


PPL is partnering with Presbyterian Elders in Prayer to bring you the 40 Day General Assembly Prayer Guide. If you would like to receive a daily call to prayer in your inbox, send us an email with "prayer" in the subject line.


Come to Pittsburgh and join the PPL GA Team in giving testimony to committees, passing out Daily Delivery, and assisting commissioners. Contact Marie for more information.


Every part of our General Assembly is expensive. Our volunteers have made sacrifices by taking vacation time, paying for their own accommodations, travel, and meals. Will you help us to support them with resources for commissioners, to print the Daily Delivery they will hand out, and as they warmly welcome commissioners and visitors to our hospitality suite? Will you help us provide accommodations for our skilled team volunteering time and equipment to do daily video updates? Will you help us pay for an exhibit booth that visually witnesses to the fact that God cherishes life and where our volunteer staff minister to individuals in the sometimes painful circumstances surrounding life issues and abortion experience? Frankly we cannot do it without your help. Please give generously to support our team.

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Maybe you live in the Pittsburgh area and would like to support PPL's effort, but prefer to do so in a less visible way. We need supplies for our hospitality room (soft drinks, coffee supplies, breakfast and lunch items, cookies & brownies, paper products). Contact Marie for more information.

Follow GA business at PC-Biz.
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Abortion advocacy will be GA topic
Auburn honors two from Planned Parenthood
EPC hears PPL vision
We need your help
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Praying with PPL

May 13-19

Philippians 4:1; 2
Chronicles 20:1-34

Pray that God will call commissioners to GA who have planted their feet firmly in what has been revealed in sacred Scripture.

Pray for those who labor tirelessly on behalf of the pre-born, that they will not grow discouraged

and always remember that the battle belongs to the Lord.

May 20-26

Philippians 4:2-3; Amos 3:3;

2 Corinthians 13:11

Pray that the PC (USA) renewal groups will agree on gospel essentials and strive to debate and discuss respectfully, as they show the GA that they are united in the gospel.

Pray for parents with special needs children, that they will know the joy of the Lord and rejoice in God's good gifts, and for faithful people to come alongside them and encourage them.

As I write this email, my memories of Mother's Day are fresh--a worship service focused on the importance of adult children faithfully honoring their parents, then a crowded IHOP brunch with mothers of all ages being honored by their families, and the generosity and appreciation expressed by my own husband and sons. But also fresh on my heart is the weight of two young women who are considering abortion this week--one in Pennsylvania and one in Africa--and the urgency I feel to stir the church toward cherishing every life. I am glad for your companionship in shouldering this burden with me and for the knowledge that God has not left either of us alone in this effort. "He will see to it that everything is finished correctly."
Yours in Christ for life,
Marie Bowen
Executive Director
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God is with you!
"Dont be firghtened by the size of the task.
Be strong and courageous and get to work.
For the Lord my God is with you.
He will not forsake you.
He will see to it that everything is finished correctly."
I Chronicles 28:20