A Madison Symphony Christmas
Saturday, December 3, 2016
Congratulations, Boychoir, on a fabulous performance last night! Let's do it again, shall we?

Now that we have completed a performance we know exactly when the boys are finished for the evening. The good news is this makes their pick up time EARLIER which allows for more sleep and an earlier night for all (unless you are attending the show--see more on that below).

Saturday, December 3: Drop off time is 7:30pm | Pick up is now 8:45pm
Sunday, December 4: Drop off time is 2:00pm | Pick up is now 3:15pm

Again, no need to arrive before 7:25pm tonight or 1:55pm tomorrow.

IMPORTANT: If you are attending the performance and picking up your son at Intermission, you should simply leave the hall at Intermission (not before), walk around the building to Security and pick up your son. There is always PLENTY of time for this. No need to leave the hall before Intermission. Boys staying until Intermission will have a slightly longer wait downstairs but they will be in good hands!

It's helpful to the pick up process if your singer knows if he is getting picked up at Intermission (because you are attending the concert) OR if he is getting picked up when he is finished singing at the times listed above. Please have a conversation with your son so he knows the plan before each drop off so everyone is on the same page.

Thank you! We are so proud of these young people who are demonstrating such high levels of excellence in their care for one another, their camaraderie, and their musicianship. Well done, parents! Thank you for supporting them in this long, but gratifying week of performances!