August 5, 2020
Prayers for the Entertainment Industry
Dear HPN members,
Oh my goodness, summer is half way done!  How did that happen?  We want to focus our August on inviting the Lord to come into the hearts of all of the creative professionals in Hollywood and the world, in order to fill the world’s entertainment creators with His love, grace, joy and hope during this time. 

Also, we want to challenge you with this important question posed to us by our Madrid Local Chapter Director, Hector: What is the artist’s role in bringing God into the world during this time of unrest and chaos? And we ask that also to the people of prayer: Whether you are an artist or a pray-er, what is your role in making the world a better place during this time? Please take a moment to bring that question to the Lord in prayer…  And we would love to hear any of your insights!
Alex Trebek

This week, Alex Trebek, longtime loved host of Jeopardy!, will release a book about his life as he continues his battle with pancreatic cancer. Based on his interviews, we don't believe that Alex knows Jesus, for he puts his hope in being a "good guy" (which he is). The title of his forthcoming book is, The Answer Is...  So let's pray that Alex, at the age of 80 as he faces his mortality, would find the ultimate answer by encountering the love, healing and salvation of our God. He has been a gatekeeper of truth on his game show for more than three decades, so let’s pray he finds the truth of the Gospel. May Alex find that the ultimate answer is Jesus Christ! 
alex trebek
niecy nash
Niecy Nash

Actor and comedian Niecy Nash recently shared about her what gives her hope at The Wrap Women’s BE Conference 2020: “It’s my faith, my faith that things will always work out in the end. When you go through hard things, it's always an opportunity for growth.” Praise God that Niecy uses her platform to speak about her faith, and pray that God continues to use her to speak into the lives of people. Pray also that God would continue to use her as a force for racial justice in Hollywood. You can read more about her faith and career here:
Talent Agency Lay-offs

Last week, in an unprecedented move, CAA last week announced that they are furloughing 275 employees and laying off 90 agents. Please pray for all of these employees who are now without a job and with nowhere to turn to get another one. And please pray for owners Richard, Bryan and Kevin to be touched by God’s wisdom, guidance and love. This is only the tip of the iceberg of how devastating this coronavirus is on our creative industry, where it takes teams to create entertainment and thousands of professionals have lost their jobs.
kelly preston
the ellen degeneres show
Pray for Healthy Workplaces

Last week some allegations came to light about the nature of the workplace at The Ellen Degeneres Show. Let’s pray for healthy sets and working relationships, and production execs who will bring in a new attitude of respect, integrity and kindness to the entertainment industry. Let’s pray that all bosses, supervisors, and those “above the line” honor the human dignity of those working for them. 
Olivia de Havilland

Hollywood icon Olivia de Havilland has passed away, ending a golden era of film. Olivia was the last remaining star from the two time Oscar-winning 1939 film Gone With the Wind, and the last of the Golden Age’s big-name actors, when she died on July 26th at the incredible age of 104. As HPN member and film critic Justin Chang writes, “She was never to be underestimated, in life or art.” Let’s pray for her family and thank God for her influence in our culture.
olivia de havilland
Marlon Wayans with his mother, Elvira
Wayans Family

Let’s pray for the whole musical Wayans family as they grieve the loss of their mother, Waynan matriarch Elvira who was 81. Elvira had ten children, including entertainers Damon Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans and Keenen Ivory Wayans. Their Christian family has had a great impact on our nation through their talent and they have been inspirations to many young singers and actors.
Billie Eilish

We lift up the young Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish, who spoke about being religious as a child. And though she turned away from God a few years back, Billie is still open-minded to hearing people’s beliefs. Let’s pray that God meets her where she’s at and draws her heart to Himself.
billie eilish
johnny depp
Johnny Depp

Please pray for actor Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean) who discusses his life long addiction to drugs and alcohol, beginning at age 11 when he started taking his mother's "nerve pills" in order to calm down in his unstable home. Johnny is a gifted actor with a dark past and needs the Lord to come in and heal him and show him hope, joy and supernatural peace in his life.
J.A.C. Redford

Please pray for J.A.C. Redford, our friend and amazing composer and orchestrator who loves Jesus and has a great impact on every person he works with in Hollywood. We ask you to pray for a speedy recovery from the triple bypass surgery that he just had. Here’s his request from July 17: “Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we endure whatever is in store. We know it won’t be easy, but are convinced that we are held close by “the love that moves the sun and the other stars.” Love & blessings to each and all of you, J.A.C. (& LeAnn)."
jac redford
Please pray for our amazing Christian entertainment community by sharing the burden of prayer for those people who will never be household names, but are crucial to our industry and our Christian ‘family’ and who are struggling right now. Though we often lift up the needs of the more visible professionals in our industry so that you see more of an insider’s view of what’s really happening behind the tabloids and yahoo posts, we also ask that you pray for the pillars of faith in Hollywood who are making this place holier and more beautiful just because they are here.

And some of those people need your prayers today! Many people can’t pay their rent, are leaving town or struggling to survive here with no work in sight. Nina, Megan, and Marion are all faced with cancer, even though they are being inspirations to some the people around them who aren’t handling it as well as they are! They all love Jesus and are keeping their eyes on Him, but we want to see them fully recovered and renewed. Please pray for them and the many others who are going through difficulties, obstacles, sickness, discouragement, financial hardship and accidents, while trying to work and serve God in Hollywood. It’s a hard place to live, work and minister and we need our arms lifted up by your prayers!

Thank you SO MUCH for your loving, powerful, faithful prayers for Hollywood and the global entertainment centers across the globe. As we pray, God is moving and it’s VERY exciting to be a part of it.

With love,
Karen, Kaelyn, Virginia and Kim
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Salute Your Shorts Virtual Film Festival
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Our friends at Epiphany Space are hosting a short film festival, which kicks off with a showing at a Drive-In in Simi Valley on August 21. Or for the out-of-towners, catch the films online starting August 22.

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Reel Spirituality Presents: Boys State
August 13 | 7 p.m. PST | Online
Join us for an online showing of the documentary Boys State, presented by the entertainment ministry Reel Spirituality.

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vending machine with drumsticks in it
“What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” 
Matthew 16:26
“I believe there are as many types of saints as there are souls to be saved.
Flannery O'Connor
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