Volume 8, Issue 1
January, 2015
Greetings from CoachDeck!

If you want your coaches to feel appreciated and have the best tools available to run fun and effective practices, there's nothing better you can do than to equip them with their very own CoachDeck. They'll love it!

In this issue:
We all naturally cheer when our kids' team scores a goal. But Tony Earp would like to mention a few other things that happen during games that are also worthy of our excitement and praise. Brian Gotta has ten (or so) New Year's resolutions for youth coaches. Another article that should be required reading for coaches about to embark on a new season is John O'Sullivan's tremendous piece below.

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Cheer For More (Than Just Goals)
By Tony Earp 

At the soccer field, you probably hear the loudest cheers and yells when a goal is scored. All goals should be celebrated, and parents should let the kids know how proud they are of all their efforts that resulted in a goal. Read Article
Youth Coach's New Year's Resolutions
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Soon, spring seasons will be starting up all over the nation. Kids will be joining new teams, parents will be volunteering, (or being volunteered) to coach them. Whether you're a wizened old veteran or it is your first time, here are some New Year's coaching resolutions to consider. Read Article

Not a Job, But a Calling
By John O'Sullivan 

So they call you Coach, huh? Have you ever stopped to consider what that means? You have taken on one of the most beautiful, powerful, and influential positions a person can ever have. Some people may call it a job, and others a profession, but in reality, being a great coach is not that at all. It is so much more than that. Read Article