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It's departure week! Thank you for paying attention to every detail--we know this is a busy time for all. :)
Departure Week Reminders
  • Get enough sleep
  • Drink water
  • Eat well
  • Please notify the MYC office of any changes to your health or prescription medication before the end of the day on Tuesday.
  • Scotland music should be organized in a nice (not falling apart), black 1" binder

TONIGHT! Sunday, July 24 | Rehearsal | 6PM - 8:30PM | Westgate Studios

Monday, July 25 | Rehearsal | 10AM - 4PM | Covenant Presbyterian | 326 S Segoe
  • Please bring a snack and a sack lunch

Tuesday, July 26 | Send Off Concert | Covenant Presbyterian
  • Call time for singers is 6PM | Please wear concert dress with necktie and concert shoes
  • Hall will open at 6:30PM for patrons
  • Concert begins at 7PM
  • Concert will be recorded. See note below.

Wednesday, July 27 | 6PM - 7PM | Final Parent Meeting | Covenant Presbyterian
  • Parents and singers: this is a required meeting; at least one parent/guardian should attend

Thursday, July 28 | Departure! | Covenant Presbyterian
  • 8:30AM arrive and check in with chaperone (show passport, consent form)
  • 8:45AM group picture and final goodbyes
  • 8:55AM load buses
  • 9:00AM Depart!
  • Don't forget to bring a sack lunch to eat en route to Chicago!
Updates to Packing List (and a few reminders)
  • TRAVEL DAY ATTIRE: Please wear tour T-shirt (color choice is yours), NOT MYC polo (you can leave your MYC polo at home); have track jacket with you, not packed in suitcase (it will get cold on the plane).
  • Earplugs may be useful for sleeping on the plane and/or in the dorms
  • Don't forget an alarm clock or electronic device to wake you up each morning!
  • Everyone should pack one hanger for their concert dress (just to be sure you can hang it in your wardrobe between wearings)
  • Don't forget to bring a water bottle! Packing flavor packets or your favorite "Mio" flavor enhancer is a good idea.
  • General tip: use Zip-Loc bags to pack liquid items/creams in your suitcase to catch messes from spillage due to air pressure changes.
  • Please follow KLM's guidelines for luggage size and weight! (See link in header.)
Tour Wardrobe
Everything you received inside the garment bag (and including the garment bag), needs to be packed in your Scotland suitcase.

Labeling Tour Wardrobe
In preparation for potentially being laundered, please label your tour T-shirts, polos, and Old Navy items with a permanent marker. Include first initial and last name along with your family group number on each item near or on the label. (Your family group number is listed on the Family and Flight Groups handout linked below.)

Laundry Bag
Please pack a plastic bag labeled with your name and family group number. This can be a garbage bag--nothing fancy!

Luggage Tag
Please attach the bright yellow luggage tag to the bag you are checking and complete the label with your singer's full name and home address.
Send Off Concert Recording
Audio for the Arts will be recording the send-off concert on Tuesday. One CD per tour participant will be provided at no cost (covered by tour fee). Additional CD's will be available to purchase directly from Audio for the Arts.
Helpful Links (In addition to what's included on the header of this email)