January, February, March, April 2015
I hope your Christmas Season has been a time of blessing and has deepened your personal faith and renewed your understanding of the dignity and worth of human life from the moment of conception. This time of reflection on Our Lord's coming in the flesh to be with us always energizes my own commitment  to the work of Presbyterians Pro-Life and inspires me to pray more often and more earnestly for God's help in reminding the church that every life matters.
Thank you for your commitment to pray with and for PPL. I hope you will be inspired by the Call to Prayer written by PPL Board President, The Rev. John S. Sheldon to make a life-changing difference through our prayers together. I pray that God will bless you with the truths of the Scripture that we read and pray together over the next 4 months. May you experience His peace and provision in your own life as you pray with PPL for vulnerable lives everywhere.
At any time, if you would like to receive a copy by mail instead of email, please let us know.

In Christ for life,
Marie Bowen
Executive Director
Call PPL with any questions or comments at 412-487-1990.