Auditions for The Magic Flute
(Madison Opera)
MYC Families--

For singers interested, auditions for Madison Opera's production of "The Magic Flute" are Monday, January 16, 3-5pm at Westgate. The roles are for the "Three Spirits". These roles were originally for three boys (soprano 1, soprano 2, alto) but Madison Opera is considering any unchanged voices, boys or girls, with no upper age limit, but limited to singers 5'4" or shorter.

1. Look over the rehearsal and performance schedule. You need to be available for all rehearsals and performances. This is a large time commitment and an incredible experience to work on a professional opera production. 
2. Prepare the attached excerpt by learning two adjacent parts (Soprano 1 and Soprano 2 OR Soprano 2 and Alto) in German. This is challenging music. They will cast singers that are able to handle the musical and language challenges of the roles. We'd recommend that singers in Britten/Capriccio or older would be the best fit, but there may certainly be some Con Gioia/Purcell singers who are up to the challenge. 
3. Let Mike know you are planning to audition by replying to this email as soon as possible, but no later than Thursday, January 12. 

Everything you need is HERE.

1. Sheet music. It's just part of one of the pieces the trio would sing in the opera. All three parts are there plus a piano part. Also included on the excerpt is a short pronunciation guide.
2. A recording of the entire piece (your excerpt begins around 1'05")
3. A German pronunciation .mp3 to listen to.

Rehearsal schedule is still TBA but will be many weeknights plus weekend rehearsals beginning April 1. We will also need to find time for several rehearsals with MYC staff before April 1 to help singers learn the music, although we expect singers chosen will be able to work independently. 

A few details we already know:
  • No rehearsal April 7 or 14
  • Sitzprobe (sing through with orchestra) on April 15, 2-5pm
  • Dress rehearsals evenings of April 16, 17, 18
  • Final dress rehearsal April 19, 11am (school performance)
  • No rehearsals April 20 or 22
  • Performances April 21 and 23, 2017
  • Note that many rehearsals will occur over MMSD spring break.

Please know that Madison Opera will be making final casting decisions. They may choose our singers or they may not. Madison Opera may double-cast these roles. Regardless, we are glad that our singers will have an opportunity to audition. 

Many thanks,

P.S. Have questions? Not sure if this challenge is right for your singer? Happy to discuss with you.