Begins Airing on ABC Affiliated Stations 
A Documentary on Faith and Girls' Education
New York, N.Y. April 14, 2016 - Actor, author, and co-founder of the educational initiative Lidè Haiti, Rainn Wilson (The Office) said: "We need to get the world's faiths working together to figure out the best way to lift up all mankind and I think they'd swiftly realize that education is the key and especially education of women and girls." (Beauty of Their Dreams, 2016)

Beauty of Their Dreams, produced by four-time Emmy award-winner Debra Gonsher Vinik of  Diva Communications, illuminates the stories of people advocating for girls' education and the commonality of faith that inspires them. People such as Father Paul Gaggawala in Uganda; Azizah al-Hibri and Layli Miller-Muro in the United States; Rainn Wilson in Haiti; and Jessica Markowitz and Laurie Toll Franz in Rwanda.  This one-hour documentary begins airing on ABC affiliated stations nationwide April 17, 2016.  

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