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From Giraffe Heroes/Sierra Leone, this is Edmond Abu, an economist who advocates for economic justice in his country, much to the anger of the people profiteering from that injustice. Threats and arrests follow his peaceful protests, but he keeps right on speaking out for the well-being of his fellow citizens.

Tasked with reporting to the Homeland Security Department on conditions in immigrant detention camps, Scott Allen MD & Pamela McPherson MD went to the camps and reported honestly that conditions are horrendous. When their report was suppressed they went public with the truth.

Entrepreneur/student Francesca Chaney decided that organic, vegan restaurants in Brooklyn are too expensive so she created one that her fellow students can afford, even though the restaurant business has notoriously narrow profit margins.

CJ Goulding had scholarships that were heading him for a lucrative career as an engineer. Then this Newark NJ city guy got a National Park Service internship that took him into the world of mountains, forests and rivers. He now is devoted to getting other city kids out into the natural world.

Abodiun Henderson looked at the rates of imprisonment and recividism for young black men and applied her entrepreneurial skills to the crisis. She created Gangstas to Growers, a program that teaches newly released prisoners farming, marketing, financial literacy, yoga, environmental responsibility, nutritional cooking, business management, and job hunting tips.

Antonia Sawyer has shipped thousands of free doses of naxolone, an opioid-overdose medication, to Indianans whose lives depend on it. Despite being vilified and falsely accused of crimes, she goes on, and is now doing free education programs so people can understand how serious this crisis is.

A decade into a career he loved, Rod Schoonover resigned in protest. The job was analyzing security threats for the U.S. State Department. When he reported that the climate emergency is a "possibly catastrophic" security threat, he was muzzled by the administration. He quit so he wouldn't have to stop telling the truth.

Bill Strickland could have moved out and up from his Pittsburgh neighborhood—he had the education that would have made that possible. Instead, he went home, living just blocks from where he grew up, and devoting his life to educating thousands of kids there.

When Tom Turnipseed was a conservative attorney, he ran segregationist George Wallace’s 1968 presidential campaign. But he did a 180 when he came to understand the realities of African Americans' lives. He joined the civil rights movement and has worked ever since for justice, despite years of hate mail from racists and harassment from former friends and associates.
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