Presbyterians Pro-Life ENEWS, October 2014
by Marie Bowen

I have begun a careful reading of the whole Bible. I've read it before but this time I am reading commentary along the way and pausing to meditate. I am habitually on the lookout for passages related to how God values human life, but I was still surprised by the centrality and strength of the life theme in the early chapters of the Bible. I am seeing with fresh eyes the unfolding of God's wrath in response to human violence and human murder, BUT, also in those first pages of the Holy Bible is the hopeful promise of mercy and love and grace.
Is your church prepared for ministry to those who have experienced abortion?

Can a church take a strong stand against abortion and still create a safe place where women and men freely share their abortion stories and find grace and healing for past abortions? One PCUSA church whose stand against abortion was up front on their website began a vital ministry to post-abortive women and men. Creating a safe place for grace began with these words included in their abortion statement: "...always seeking to convey God's pastoral forgiveness, acceptance, and healing to any who have already participated in the trauma of abortion."

PPL Board of Directors plans ministry kits
The PPL Board of Directors met October 9-11, in Niagara Falls, NY. The annual board meeting took place at Niagara Presbyterian Church. Members of Niagara, First Presbyterian Church, and Cleveland Drive Presbyterian Chuirch worked cooperatively to provide transportation, meals, and hospitality to PPL Board members. Board members spent time in prayer and discernment before setting goals, budget, and projects for 2015. In the coming year you will hear more about some exciting and free downloadable resources for pastors and congregations designed to equip you for ministry that upholds life and brings glory to God. PPL is developing these "Life Ministry Kits" as fast as we are able. We know you need them now! Please stay in touch and use these resources as they become available.
Pray with PPL
God answers prayer. 
PPL is seeking Christians who will commit to PPL's ministry of prayer,
Life Support.

Isaiah 46:3-4
Pray for those at the end of life and their families that they will honor God's activity in the final days of life and cherish each day until the time He has appointed for death.
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