Hands of Hope

“The waiting room is on your left,” the nurse whispered into the heavy silence.  I slipped inside and quickly glimpsed families huddled together for support, chairs pulled into small groups for comfort, and people hunched into individual bundles for privacy.

                I reached out to an outstretched hand of the latter.  Cold fingers grabbed and held on as if the storm raging inside would destroy the entire room.


                Murmuring words of comfort, I lost track of how long we held hands, but we were grateful.  Grateful for the touch.  Grateful for someone to share the waiting time.

Waiting holds hands with hope.

                Prayer slipped in and held vigil during our quiet waiting.  Christ’s presence seemed to bless the atmosphere.  In circles of chairs, hands gradually sought other hands.  Glasps turned to clasps, turned to Intertwined fingers of support and comfort.


             Waiting holds hands with hope.

             May the presence of Christ your Savior infuse every place where you wait.  May you feel the hand of Jesus clasped in your silence or despair.  May Advent offer you time for waiting and hands who will take your own and hold them.  With hope.

Let us pray:  Gentle Jesus, when we are lost, come to us.  When we are helpless, strengthen us.  When we are waiting, hold hands with us.  Amen.

Whose hands have held you in the Savior’s grip?

Who needs your own hands of support and comfort—right now?

Jennifer Henry, pastor of Bethany Lutheran Church, Spencer

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