Hi Mahler Families--

It was all leading up to last night...I was so proud of all of our singers' hard work! And I'm so thankful for your commitment, flexibility, and patience in supporting your singers to make all of this happen.

But truly, I'm most proud that this entire rehearsal process has been about much more than just the performance. Our singers have have learned, questioned, wondered, grown, "teased out" ideas, and so much more. It is those experiences in addition to the culminating performances that will last a very long time. 

We know there have been some changes during the week (and one more change is noted below) to times--not typical for MYC itself, but this often happens in a collaboration of this sort, and again, thanks so much for your flexibility. 

We need to adjust the "call" (start of warmup) times; traffic seemed worse than usual and we want to ensure your singers have enough time to be in the warmup room, rehearse, focus, and get ready for the concert.
Updated call times: 7:15pm (Saturday); 1:45pm (Sunday)

Concerts will end just past 9:30pm (Saturday) and 4:00pm (Sunday). I think last night we were within 5 or 6 minutes of those times. It can also take a few extra minutes to get everyone off stage. 

All the parking meters along North Henry Street are bagged for the sole purpose of vehicles pulling up curbside for pick up and drop off. If there is not a spot for you to pull to the curb, please drive around the block and try again. North Henry Street needs to be clear at all times for traffic and emergency vehicles. Thank you for not idling in the driving lanes.

Finally, please don't send your singers with any extra "stuff". There isn't any downtime to read/play games, and anything extra they have with them just slows them down at the end of the night. All they need is their music. (And please double-check your boychoir bag to make sure you have the one that belongs to you.)

Mike + Mahler Team!