Hello Scotland Families, Chaperones, and Staff!
Welcome to the first of many official Scotland 2018 Tour emails! We have lots of  details to share with you and to accommodate everyone's reading style, we have put together a document that is both linked below and in the mail to your singer's home address today. Don't worry! We don't intend to mail information to you every time we send an email. You will be referencing this information going forward so we wanted you to have a handy paper copy as well.

Included in this document:
  • tour roster
  • flight details
  • how to register with our travel provider
  • how to begin the deviation process, i.e., change your singer's return flight
  • action steps with deadlines
  • helpful tidbits and more!

Please read it carefully and if you have any questions, please ask.

Handy Header Links
Did you notice the helpful links in the header section of this email? They are slightly different than the header links in the Weekly Notes:

Home and Calendar take you to the Scotland 2019 Tour webpage.
AIYF takes you to the homepage of the Aberdeen International Youth Festival.
Gateway takes you to the homepage of Gateway, our travel vendor.
KLM Baggage takes you to KLM's baggage allowance page.
Passports takes you to the State Department's webpage for passport information.
Archives takes you to the running list of Weekly Notes and Scotland Tour emails.
Facebook takes you to the Madison Boychoir 2018 AIYF Facebook group page. This group page will be the main hub of pictures and daily updates for families when we are in Scotland. Send a request and we will add you to the group!

All of these links will be helpful to you in the coming months. Bookmark them or use the handy header to find your way.

Finally, because we have 299 days before we're walking the streets of Aberdeen together, please enjoy this sneak peek...