Fashion Industry Human Resource Association
The California Fashion Association implements the Fashion Industry Human Resource Association ('FIHRA'): an organization for the Human Resource Managers of manufacturing, distribution, and retailing groups within the fashion, apparel, and textile industry.
New Developments for California Employees Paid on a Commission Basis: Avoiding Traps for the Unwary
Free tele-seminar on October 1st, 2014 from 12:00pm - 1:00pm. Presented by: Buchalter Nemer

July 14, 2014... the California Supreme Court issued a decision in Peabody v. Time Warner Cable, Inc. that may require some California employers to change how they pay commissions to employees.  To minimize the risk of costly wage claims, companies that pay employees on commission need to be familiar with the applicable regulations and latest legal developments. This seminar will discuss the import of the Peabody decision, explore recent employee challenges to certain types of commission structures, and provide guidance for drafting a commission policy in compliance with California law.  ​

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Immigration Compliance
Free Breakfast Program on Thursday, October 9th, 2014 from 8:00am to 10:00am

Immigration Compliance issues to be discussed:
•  Responding to a 'No-Match' Letter from the Social Security Administration"
•  How to Mess Up an I-9; and How to Survive an Audit
•  The ICE Man Cometh… How to be Ready for Him
•  Audits of Immigration Violations: Potential Penalties Include Fines, Asset Seizure, etc.

Location:    Dykema - 333 South Grand Avenue, Suite 2100, Los Angeles, California 90071
      Parking will be validated; There is no charge to attend.
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FIHRA Luncheon Meetings
Los Angeles -  November 6th
Orange County - November 12th 

Although "Flexible Hours have the Biggest Impact on Employees", according to a recent 24Seven Fashion & Retail Salary Survey, companies are slow to embrace Flex-Time & Telecommuting,

The November meetings will focus on "Work/Life Balance" and what it means to the workplace.  Agenda topics:
•  The legal aspects, including Avoiding Potential Liabilities...Wage & Hour Issues, Workplace Safety, Company Privacy and Equipment Julie Trotter of Call Jensen LLP.
•  Risk Exposures and the 'Culture of Safety' identifying an effective loss control and safety program for all employees, and ensuring that employees working off-site are aware of the company's programs.
Invitations, with full meeting details, to follow.  
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