Presbyterians Pro-Life ENEWS, November 2016
Giving Thanks to God for YOU this week!

A special message from Executive Director, Marie Bowen

You shall therefore lay up these words of mine in your heart and in your soul, and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall teach them to your children, talking of them when you are sitting in your house, and when you are walking by the way and when you lie down, and when you rise. Deuteronomy 11:18-20
Dear --FNAME--,

To be ‘pro-life’ involves more than just being against abortion. Evil is loose in the world and human lives are threatened in many ways. Our systems of national care: Medicare, Social Security, and Health Insurance, are increasingly overwhelmed. Denial of care for the elderly and disabled is already a reality and the potential for coercing decisions that hasten death is encroaching. We need leaders who are trained to assist those navigating complex medical decisions so that God’s gift of human life is affirmed and his image is reflected in us throughout our lives and in the moment of natural death.

Training leaders for life affirming ministry will be PPL's focus in 2017
The PPL Board recently reflected on the many ways PPL has changed in the last decade. Together we sensed God stirring us to change yet again. We believe God is calling PPL to make the training of leaders a priority. You know Presbyterians Pro-Life as an organization rich in print materials and information resources. Let me assure you, we will not abandon our rich heritage of information. We take seriously the scriptural imperative (Deut. 11:19-20) to pass on our faith and our high value of human life to the next generation. To do this we must move forward in ways that are more immediate, more visual than verbal, and more personal and relational. The Board is accepting the challenge to equip new leaders for pro-life action and ministry by “walking in the way” with them and not solely by making documents and manuals available.

PPL wants to serve your congregation more effectively
PPL’s Board wants to be more available to you and to more effectively serve and assist you as you seek to be a pro-life voice and witness in both church and culture. Abortions have declined in our country and more states have passed laws restricting abortion. Young people in America seem to be considerably more pro-life than the generations since Roe v. Wade.

These are hopeful signs, but 1.2 million unborn babies are still dying every year—1.2 million souls for whom Jesus Christ died, 1.2 million faces that will not reflect God’s image on this earth. And, 1.2 million mothers and 1.2 million fathers each year are living with the guilt and grief of an abortion experience.

You and I know the hope and faith that women and men need in times of crisis in a pregnancy or in the aftermath of grief and guilt from abortion. It is essential that PPL model and teach the next generation the truths about human life that flow out of our reformed and Presbyterian faith:

  •    God’s is sovereign over all of life.
  •    He loves, sustains, and provides for us.
  •    His grace and forgiveness is freely given to all who believe in Jesus Christ.

PPL’s next step must be to train and equip pro-life ministry leaders. We want to pass on practical steps to walking with women and their families as they affirm life for the glory of God even when it was not within their own plan. We realize it is important to walk with leaders and counselors who are navigating the intricacies of sharing God’s love and grace with women and men who have experienced abortion and need someone to be present for the long-term healing process.

We must pass on the legacy of our love for life to the next generation.
We need your personal involvement and your strong financial support. Frankly, it is daunting to consider the task of training pro-life leaders in congregations across multiple denominations. We simply cannot accomplish this goal without YOU.

What is God laying on your heart to do? Has God given into your care financial resources, time, love, passion, talent, skill, that He intends for the work of Presbyterians Pro-Life? PPL needs both your personal involvement and your financial support if we are to prepare leaders to make a difference for human lives in church and culture.

There are many ways to donate to Presbyterians Pro-Life.
  •  It is easy to donate online. Simply click on the yellow contribute button on our website. Secure contributions may be made via direct bank draft or credit card. You may specify a one-time gift or a repeating monthly donation amount.
  •  If you prefer to donate by check simply fill out the response card enclosed and mail your check to: Presbyterians Pro-Life, PO Box 461, Glenshaw, PA 15116.
  • For other ways to give visit the donations page on our website or contact the PPL Office.

On Thanksgiving Day, I will be giving thanks to God for you!
I am grateful for YOU—for your life which is a gift from God, for your stand for life on behalf of those who cannot stand for themselves, for your engagement with PPL, and for your financial support of our mission. Your generosity supports PPL’s distribution of free Biblical, educational, theologically reformed materials. Your gifts provide staff assistance to individuals as they engage in pro-life mission, ministry, action and witness. YOU, provide the means for PPL’s internet presence that empowers real people making real decisions in circumstances where life is threatened:
  • at end of life—decisions for themselves or a loved one,
  • when facing an unplanned or especially difficult pregnancy,
  • if experiencing conflict with a pro-choice friend, pastor, or church,
  • and when hearing God’s call to life affirming ministry.

If you have any questions about the work of PPL or how you can be involved, please do not hesitate to call me at 412-487-1990. Pray for us and let us know how we can serve you better in life affirming ministry.

Yours in Christ for Life,

Marie Bowen
Executive Director
Presbyterians Pro-Life
PH: (412) 487-1990

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L to R back: Jack Sharpe, Lowell Avery, Paul Beyer, Craig Kephart, Mateen Elass. Middle: Deborah Hollifield, Amy Scherschligt, Martha Leatherman, Patty June, Scott Wiest. Front: Justin Marple, John Sheldon, Marie Bowen, Ryan Mowen, Andy Nagel.
The Pacific Area PPL chapter met recently to launch their Mission Discovery Process. Using tools from Churches for Life, chapter members found the video, handouts and their group discussion to be unifying and defining. The picture above shows the group celebrating a new mission statement: "The Life Team of Fair Oaks Presbyterian Church exists to help equip the Church to be Gospel-driven champions of life."
Articles, Action Items, Resources

PPL's Life Sunday bulletin insert, service ideas, and worship resources are available free on our website to help congregations plan a service commemorate those lost to abortion since 1973 and celebrate Gods gift of every human life. Printed copies of the insert are available from the PPL office. The Roe v. Wade anniversary falls on Sunday this year, a most appropriate time for the church to offer a message that celebrates life as a gift from God!

Minnesota Alliance for Ethical Healthcare, is a diverse coalition of doctors, nurses, advocates for persons with disabilities, medical ethicists, elder-care workers, and others committed to ensuring real care throughout life’s journey. The coalition’s website offers extensive information and real life stories of men and women whose lives have been and continue to be negatively affected by physician-assisted suicide pressure.

Everyday Bioethics - Ever wish you know more about the latest bio technologies and the moral challenges they present? This new website sponsored by The Center for Bioethics & Human Dignity is the perfect place to learn more. 
What Obamacare plans cover abortion? (click on your state for plan info.) Download a factsheet to share with members of your congregation.

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God answers prayer. 
PPL is seeking Christians who will commit to PPL's ministry of prayer called
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Romans 8:1, 5:1-5, I John 5:13
Give thanks to God that he has set us free from condemnation and given us his peace, hope, and love, and with it eternal life!

Pray for all those grieving the loss of loved ones during this holiday season and for all those facing the end of their own lives to find God's hope of eternal life in Christ.
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