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Join us for Northwest Arkansas Gives Day and help us reach our goal of
$1,200 in 12 hours! 

Why donate to the Children's Safety Center? 

You already know about our five FREE programs for child abuse victims:
child advocacy, forensic interviewing, sexual assault exams, mental health therapy, child abuse prevention training

But do you know how desperately they are needed?

  • 679 alleged child abuse victims seen in 2017
  • 12% increase from 2016
  • 206 children already seen in 2018
  • 79 - number of children seen in February of 2018,
  • that's children every day we were open
Your gift directly helps
children like:

13 years old

She came to the Children's Safety Center in the month of April and asked why the CSC staff were wearing blue. Her advocate explained that April is
National Child Abuse Prevention Month and that they were wearing blue in support of preventing child abuse. Joslyn had already chosen to paint her hand black and white, but at the last minute decided to add blue because she wanted to show her support too.
Your gift directly helps
children like:


11 year old

She came to the CSC after enduring 5 years of sexual abuse from her adoptive stepdad after her mother passed away.

She had enough and decided it was time for it to stop. After telling her story, she was choosing her handprint colors and said, “I want happy colors because everyone here is so happy that they made

me happy”.

They Need You
$25 – drinks and snacks
$50 – a new outfit for a child who’s
clothes have been taken during a
forensic medical exam
$100 – paint and supplies for the 1,000’s of handprints that tell their stories on our walls
$1,000 – ensures a child receives mental health therapy as long as they need it
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